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  • noun

Synonyms for devolution

transfer of power


  • transfer of power
  • decentralization
  • distribution of power
  • surrender of power
  • relinquishment of power

Synonyms for devolution

the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality

the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)

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The problem is that most state legislatures - where devolutionists want many of the most important decisions to be made - are far more vulnerable than the federal government to well-monied special interests.
But, for reasons that are difficult to understand among a crowd that loves the word efficiency," the devolutionists seem convinced that it's almost always better to let 50 state governments deal with national problems.
In order to establish a baseline for public opinion in favour of further devolved powers, I suggest that the All Wales Convention, led by Sir Emyr Jones Parry, communicate with previously supportive devolutionists who have lived in North East Wales all of their lives before setting out on a route of great optimism for the WAG to act upon.
That is why he protests so much, because I have exposed him and his party as the anti-Welsh devolutionists they truly are.
The political sphere has already accepted that argument is over and has been won by the devolutionists.
If the referendum on greater powers for our Assembly fails because large numbers of people are not watching Welsh television then those devolutionists, both nationalist and unionist, who have failed to address this problem will have no right to complain.
He writes: "The challenge now facing devolutionists is that unless the way those powers are used is sharpened up there is a risk that support for giving some powers back to Westminster may grow.
So, devolutionists have to up their game to be taken seriously.
DEVOLUTIONISTS are really Nationalists with brains and I prefer to cross swords with the former rather than the latter who rely only on rhetoric and the atrocious behaviour of our forebears to try to make their case.
When Conservative leader David Cameron talks about a post-bureaucratic age where top-down central government controls will be stripped away in favour of a glorious new age of people power, he is merely re-treading the ground occupied over the years by devolutionists - who invariably find reasons to back track as soon as they get to Downing Street.
The point which has to be made, and perhaps it is one that some devolutionists will find hard to swallow, is that Wales cannot have it both ways.
9 million voters, higher than some recent local elections, denying devolutionists any claim that it was unrepresentative.