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  • noun

Synonyms for devolution

transfer of power


  • transfer of power
  • decentralization
  • distribution of power
  • surrender of power
  • relinquishment of power

Synonyms for devolution

the process of declining from a higher to a lower level of effective power or vitality or essential quality

the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government)

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By meditating on the evolutionary differences between races (as he here in this chapter uses examples of geography to explain the "devolution" of African races in comparison to their European counterparts), Chambers opens the door for consideration of the evolution of even European peoples, and goes on to discuss how a mother may be responsible for devolutionary "monstrosities" (218), when he writes that, "Such defects are the result of nothing more than a failure of the power of development in the system of the mother, occasioned by weak health or misery" (219).
Mr Jackson also teaches Devolutionary British Fiction 1940 to the Present.
147) Francesca Ortiz, Candidate Conservation Agreements as a Devolutionary Response to Extinction, 33 Ga.
Labour have now in one fell swoop destroyed, I think, any credible claim that they may have to be a devolutionary party in Wales.
To Coleridge, who had experienced a homicidal surge of fraternal rivalry with his brother Francis, and the loss of his elder brother's trust when he escaped confronting his debts by joining the dragoons, who had made the effort to recapture brotherhood in pantisocracy and was alert to the devolutionary pattern in French politics, the destruction of a brother would have had special poignancy.
4) Hamlet's "famous ape" tries conclusions--that is, it gets intellectually curious, conducts experiments, and tests hypotheses--while Apementus's devolutionary "baboons and monkeys" have been bred--cultivated, domesticated, and finally speciated--from human ancestral stock.
The chapter on dancing has much to say about Playford and devolutionary and evolutionary theories about country dancing.
This was previously seen as the mark of an inferior tradition, but in what is now known as the devolutionary period this changed.
Consider the devolutionary paths forged by MTV and TLC, both of which have veered so far off course from their founding mission statements that we've all but forgotten what their initials originally stood for.
This freedom to devise local strategies for local problems is a centerpiece of arguments that advocate devolutionary policy implementation.
15) argued that understanding the third dimension of power requires 'locating the power processes behind the social construction of meanings and patterns', and it is through such an understanding that the design of devolutionary and participatory processes can occur.
AS a devolutionary gesture, few come bigger than plans to merge three public bodies in Wales into a new super bells-and-whistles green organisation.
However, he helpfully notes that sphere sovereignty is not merely devolutionary but that it also recognizes spheres with "irreducible identities" (18) as performing independent tasks.
2001) (describing South Africa as a devolutionary federal system where residual powers belong to national government); see also In re Certification of the Constitution of the Province of KwaZulu-Natal 1996 (11) BCLR 1419 (CC) para.