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  • adj

Synonyms for devoid

lacking in


  • lacking in
  • without
  • free from
  • wanting in
  • sans
  • bereft of
  • empty of
  • deficient in
  • denuded of
  • barren of

Synonyms for devoid

not having a desirable element

Synonyms for devoid

completely wanting or lacking

References in classic literature ?
Now it is curious that the old gentleman himself is totally devoid of releegiosity.
Who through long days of labor, And nights devoid of ease, Still heard in his soul the music Of wonderful melodies.
To watch from such a point of vantage the struggles of those less fortunate than ourselves--of the uninformed, the unprovided, the belated, the bewildered--is an occupation not devoid of sweetness, and there was nothing to mitigate the complacency with which our young friend gave himself up to it; nothing, that is, save a natural benevolence which had not yet been extinguished by the consciousness of official greatness.
Her dress, devoid of coquetry, was often in bad taste.
The case has, in some respects, been not entirely devoid of interest.
The face which she turned towards us was of the strangest livid tint, and the features were absolutely devoid of any expression.
Devoid of parents, devoid of relations, devoid of flocks and herds, devoid of gold and silver and of precious stones.
While it was devoid of important incidents yet it was filled for me with a strange charm of excitement and adventure which I think I must have hinged principally on the unguessable antiquity of these long-forgotten corridors.
Love is never quite devoid of sentimentality, and Strickland was the least inclined to that infirmity of any man I have known.
In the same way we can never imagine the action of a man quite devoid of freedom and entirely subject to the law of inevitability.
It is entirely devoid of hair and is of a dark slate colour and exceedingly smooth and glossy.
Perhaps, when good-bye came she was weeping because all the pretty things were said and done with, or she was making doleful confessions about herself, so impulsive and generous and confidential, and so devoid of humour, that they compelled even a tragic swain to laugh.
On some of the bushes might be seen a bud, a blossom, a baby, a half-grown person and a ripe one; but even those ready to pluck were motionless and silent, as if devoid of life.
How could you be so cruel--even as you--Nikolas Rokoff--cannot be entirely devoid of mercy and compassion?
His standards of right and wrong were but half formed, from the brief attempts of Professor Maxon and von Horn to inculcate proper moral perceptions in a mind entirely devoid of hereditary inclinations toward either good or bad, but he realized one thing most perfectly--that to be a soulless thing was to be damned in the estimation of Virginia Maxon, and it now occurred to him that to kill her father would be the act of a soulless being.