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utter with tense vocal chords

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The same phenomenon is reported in Vasquez-Carranza (2006) after the coronal voiceless stop phoneme [t], where /r/ devoices and assibilates both word-initially and word-medially, as in atras /atras/ 'behind' and trato / trato/ 'deal'.
The rhotic hence tends to devoice after voiceless consonants such as [k], and dental [d] and [t] assimilate regressively to the rhotic, resulting in [tr], an alveolar quasi-affricate sound.
Since it is the toned or aspirated plosive that devoices the preceding sonorant, we conclude that the suffix in maelti [mailtr] is in fact [t.
The assibilated segment normally devoices before [-voice] consonants, as illustrated in the first example.