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utter with tense vocal chords

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Kanuri speakers heard saug or possibly devoiced suuk.
This should be compared with a word like bequeath where the stressless vowel of the first syllable clearly cannot be devoiced.
In brief, sonorants are devoiced before some plosives, although all of the plosives themselves are obviously voiceless.
avalokitesvara > abha-loka-svara: -v- > [[Beta]] > -bh-) or being devoiced as in Tokharian (e.
It is also possible, as I have mentioned several times now, that Dharmaraksa's pronunciation habits were influenced by a Tokharian idiom in which -v- and -d- were devoiced, which would also account for the uncertainty of interpretation.
When a declarative sentence with a final L% boundary tone ends in a vowel, this vowel tends to be shortened and devoiced.
We know that this happens, because we have examples of children's overgeneralizations: English speaking children apply the regular past tense formation rule (add -d, devoiced to t after voiceless consonants, and insert [unknown character] first if the verb stem ends in t or d) to verbs which have irregular pasts: the English-speaking world is full of children producing forms like goed, comed, and sended.
In Canadian French, the high vowels /i u u/ are devoiced to [i u u] between voiceless obstruents when short and unstressed (i.
and almost entirely devoiced when a voiceless consonant or [rr] precedes" (1969b: 149).