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Synonyms for devitalize

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for devitalize

sap of life or energy


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union as a whole--or, by merely devitalizing the separate units
Processed food is made from real food that has been put through devitalizing chemical processes and is infused with chemicals and preservatives.
This is a devitalizing absence, for it is precisely this electricity and joy that recommend Williams, among all the performers of the period, to our attention.
Devitalizing the natural shame associated with sin creates a moral vacuum into which the cultural elite marches with the changes it wants, which don't end with merely replacing traditional symbols of manhood, but include overturning the Christian moral order itself.
Just as we were all taught not to crush tissue, cut too deeply, or pull too hard, we should think of our energy sources as potentially devitalizing flamethrowers--safe when skillfully moderated, but ultimately dangerous and unpredictable unless they are used in a thoughtful, tissue-preserving way.