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Synonyms for devitalize

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for devitalize

sap of life or energy


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They have been completely devitalized during processing.
If the skin is already necrosed, the devitalized skin should be excised and the wound explored through the devitalized part.
The effect is to leave us drained, devitalized, impotent, cynical toward romantic love, resigned to a world where boys transmogrify into old men before our eyes.
HAM was devitalized by freezing and thawing and washed three times with HBSS before being fastened onto a 12 well culture insert (BD Lincoln Park, NJ) as previously described (23).
This affects major groups of residents (certain ethnic groups, age groups, or civil statuses) who are hot participating in the new economy and who are concentrated in devitalized zones.
3) The effects of this devitalized work spirit can become exacerbated among some of the younger police officers in the current workforce who may require considerable motivation.
The protocol of management and the priorities of surgery were to stop the hemorrhage, remove dead or devitalized liver tissue, and ligate or repair damaged blood vessels and bile ducts.
Arguably, the Rehnquist Court devitalized Miranda, relative to an expected baseline of annualized citations.
After four years of eating white man's denatured, devitalized food, I had pulmonary tuberculosis.
He is a man who is 'perpetually hungry', an 'abstract' man, devitalized by the ebbing of the sap in him.
He wrote, "Mexico was a place that devitalized my energies--it was the one place I shall always think of wrong for me .
In order to restore the damaged intercellular cement in fragile, devitalized and aging hair, Tonucia contains a specific complex called Cimentrio and a wheat micro protein to coat and thicken the hair shaft.
Yet Stoddard also fears that in the post-War period, "Nordic vitality" has suffered a two-fold blow: decimated by the War, which has left "the men twisted by hereditary deformity or devitalized by hereditary disease .