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Synonyms for devitalize

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for devitalize

sap of life or energy


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DEVITALIZED COUPLES: Devitalized couples are discouraged, either unmotivated or unwilling to develop communication and conflict resolution skills for the relationship.
The steps in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis consist of correct microbiological diagnosis; improvement of the host's defenses; stabilization of underlying diseases; correct anatomical localization of bone involvement; adequate antimicrobial therapy; surgical debridement of all devitalized tissue; repair of soft tissues; and bone reconstruction and rehabilitation.
The elastic lamellae of devitalized arteries calcify when incubated in serum: evidence for a serum calcification factor.
Fractured or discolored teeth are frequently devitalized and lead to chronic low-grade pain, and sometimes acute swelling and/or drainage.
Key Words: Devitalized tooth, Tooth discoloration, Bleaching agents, Tooth bleaching techniques
The nature of injury can predict that it may not be feasible and possible to bring the skin edges together either due to extensive tissue loss, the presence of devitalized tissue, the potential risk of infection, damage to the underlying structures following an avulsion injury or high velocity injuries like gunshot wound or splinter injuries1.
Additionally, since new cells take longer to reach the surface, the dull, devitalized skin cells on the surface eventually dominate--creating the rough, uneven texture so characteristic of aging.
Due to their ability to adhere to the skin, clays offer mechanical protection similar to a bandage, sealing out external physical or chemical agents, as well as absorptive properties which assist in removing devitalized tissue, particulate matter, or foreign materials from a wound.
In cases of infection, it is far better to have a vascularized door than an avascular piece of bone from a window that has been completely devitalized.
28-32) Traditional treatment consisted of sharp debridement to remove devitalized tissue, since moist devitalized tissue supports the growth of pathological organisms.
The foot is deathly whitish blue and etched in blue/black blood vessels from devitalized, stagnant blood.
If it falls to the side instantly and quite limp, it is said to be devitalized, but many people will find difficulty in letting the arm go entirely in this way with all their muscles relaxed.
This can be explained by the continuous contact of the lesion with bacterial components from the tooth root canal, presenting devitalized pulp.
listening to loud music (Table 2) using earphones) Table 2: Step by step initial management of dog bite wounds [7,8] Step Action 1 Stabilization Direct pressure for actively bleeding wounds Neurological examinations of distal areas to the wound (a) 2 Wound Cleaning the surface of the wound (using soap preparation (b) and water (c) or water (c) alone for 15 minutes or 1% povidone iodine or 1% benzalkonium chloride) In-depth irrigation (with water (c) using pressure irrigation) Debridement of devitalized tissue Dressing the wound (a) This examination should be done by team physician (b) In puncture wounds: only superficial devitalized epidermal tissues should be removed.