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Synonyms for devitalization

the depletion or sapping of strength or energy

Synonyms for devitalization

the act of reducing the vitality of something

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Examining social innovation in local community development from diverse perspectives and different examples, all papers are premised on the argument that the contribution of social innovation to local community development consists in the proposition of a method based on citizen mobilization as a means to fight devitalization and territorial vulnerability caused by globalization.
His fiction reflects an abiding artistic concern: the evolution of black male subjects in a region historically committed to their devitalization if not outright annihilation.
The crisis in old industrial areas is triggering economic devitalization in the communities that live in them, but it can also lead to their social revitalization if they mobilize to preserve their existing assets.
That faith made them skeptical about the self-congratulatory euphoria of the post-war period; it led them to assume a prophetic stance to warn their neighbors against the devitalization that attended the rampant consumerism and scientism of their age.
Power and cooking time relationships for devitalization of trichinae in pork roasts cooked in microwave ovens.
An essential strategy for reducing adhesions is attention to good surgical techniques, including minimizing blood loss, using the least amount of sutures and the least reactive sutures possible, and decreasing devitalization of tissue.
The melanin pigment in the hairs follicle absorbs the laser light, which results in deactivation, which results in devitalization of the hair follicle.
Only "supreme poets" can subdue the "evanescent visitations" of divinity under the "light yoke" of poetic form without complete devitalization (485, 505).
The financial well-being of the utilities under the new financial policy is in direct contrast to the devitalization projected under the status quo: retained earnings stabilize and then climb at a moderate level, while total indebtedness is lowered, resulting in a favorable debt-to-equity ratio.