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Synonyms for devitalize

to lessen or deplete the nerve, energy, or strength of

Synonyms for devitalize

sap of life or energy


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In prolonged and obstructed labour, however, the tissues are devitalised by ischaemia with resultant necrosis, and the devitalised area sloughs off resulting in fistula formation.
The regulatory commissions all over the world go through a life-cycle starting out as vigorous, imaginative, and enthusiastic protagonists of the public interest, but over time they gradually become devitalised with limited perspective, indulge in routine and bureaucratic policies and procedures, and increasingly become protective of the interests of the companies they are supposed to regulate.
That was written amid the holocaust of the First World War, which decimated the upper classes in Britain, still more in France, devitalised by it for a whole generation.
Lissamine green stains dead or devitalised cells, which occur as a result of dry eyes.
SSTIs may also be classified according to the presence or absence of necrotic or devitalised tissue.