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the act that results in something coming to be

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Because archivists and information management professionals will be key players in devising systems to meet the retention requirements of the new law, the SEC would be well advised to heed their input in formulating these important rules.
This may be accomplished by devising property in trust, whereby the trustee has legal title, the burden and responsibility of ownership, and discretion regarding distribution of income and principal.
Other innovations may include devising checklists or charts and tables to map out elements of a project over time.
He sagely observes that despite considerable practice and learning, devising a perfect board may be an impossible task.
Using tunneling magnetic junction random access memory (TMJ-RAM for short), IBM's Stuart Parkin is devising new memory chips that will be ultra-fast, will consume less power, and will retain stored data when a computer shuts down.
They involve experienced CNAs in the process of devising and modifying reporting tools.
This is particularly useful in devising country-specific strategies for industry participants.
Devising compounds that interfere with the aberrant microRNAs might derail the impetus to spur cancer-stem cell growth.
The council is now devising ways to raise money for amenities such as library books, benches and trees, said member Cheryl Strong, whose 11- year-old daughter will start seventh grade at Rancho Pico in August.
Future Systems' response to the sensitivity of the site was to bury the house, devising an organic, structurally strong form and making it an almost invisible part of the landscape.
CHIP OFF THE OLD BODY Shuler coined the term animal-on-a-chip in 1999, when he, Baxter, and their colleagues were devising microversions of Shuler's tabletop setups.