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someone to whom property (especially realty) is devised by will

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27) The tax is levied based on the entire value of the assets in the decedent's estate, rather than on the amounts received by individual heirs or devisees.
Subjects range from debts, escheat, recital, devisee and more specialty terms but definitions are geared to consumers, investors and others both within and outside the industry, making it a perfect pick for both specialty college-level courses in real estate and the general-interest library.
55) This concern can potentially be justified as much by solicitude for the expectations of the devisor as for those of the devisee.
In addition, however, the learned judge had doubts about</p> <pre> the consistency with public policy of incorporating conditions in the grant or devise of freehold property, the obvious purpose of which is to perpetuate old resentments and antagonisms and bind the grantee or devisee to bear them in mind and give effect to them when contemplating any further disposition of the property.
Mes Dieux vault qu'il neuist plus tel targe portee, Enchois ly envoia par miracle ordenee, Ou lieu des males bestes dont j'ay fait devisee .
537, 540 (1930) ("fair support") with Fairfax's Devisee v.
Without a last will and testament which appoints a partner, or at the least makes a partner a devisee, it is doubtful that a court could find standing for a partner or non-traditional family member to be appointed personal representative of a decedent's estate.
Property specifically or demonstratively devised by the decedent's will to any devisee shall not be included in exempt property.
The court found instead that the lease was binding by its terms and as a matter of law on Smith, the landlord's devisee, and the Balk Family Trust, Smith's grantee.
52, RG 40-5, Heir and Devisee Commission; AO microfilm MS 657 reel 15.
to be an heir or devisee of the incapacitated principal, the agent
24) That is, the intended purpose may be carried out within reasonable time limits, if the devisee or legatee will exercise a generally personal, nonmandatory "power," to appoint or expend funds that are otherwise held in trust for distribution in default of appointment to beneficiaries implied by law--that is, for the testator's successors in interest or for the other beneficiaries of the trust.
179) When a donor or testator attempts to make marital status a condition of eligibility for ownership of a property interest, the balancing process must include consideration of the individual liberty of the donee or the devisee,(180) This is true even if the liberty interest claimed is not a constitutionally protected right, such as the "right to be single.
We can advise the owner or devisee if the property is managed well, or how to increase the return from a property even if the existing management is adequate.
805(1)(b), transmission expenses are paid by the residuary devisee (in this case the residual trust), whether they are allocated to income or principal.