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In one of his letters to Ruth, he said I was '5-foot-2-inches, 120 pounds, brown hair, blue-green eyes and full of all the pep and deviltry in the world,' " she reads.
When any deviltry is on foot they are never there to prevent it--they vanish into thin air at its approach.
As always, there is a heroic dog involved, which this reviewer appreciates, but this time the protagonist is a child instead of the usual adult(s) on the run from whatever deviltry is after them.
It was, he said, a guilt that all bore, even those who had resisted the devils and their deviltry, but he also referred to efforts to process that guilt by establishing new relationships between Christians and Jews in Germany.
I thought maybe she would intuitively start praising me, or make indirect reference to my boyish charisma, or tell charming stories of ribaldry and derring-do and deviltry starring none other than me me me.
One character warns, "Money, you think, is the sole motive to pains and hazard, deception and deviltry, in this world.
The plot revolves around Koki's relationship with a childhood friend, Haruna, and the deviltry afoot on Yggdrasil.
Both stories remain in essence judgments against the ineffectiveness of contemporary Christianity, degenerated into confidence in Providence that opens the way to exploitative deviltry (cf.
Yet, despite the warnings, what the Halifax Herald called "Hun Pirate Deviltry," took everyone by surprise.
Second, Gilder and Johnson saw Dunbar's work as counter to the deviltry wrought by Page's appropriation of the black voice (and their role in publishing it).
Dol, says Biberman, helps decouple Jewishness and hypermasculine deviltry and moves culture on to the more modern "Jew-sissy.
John Relyea's deep bass and ferocious deviltry well encompassed the villain Garibaldo.
115) As a 1917 NAACP publication put it, migration was "the most effective protest against Southern lynching, lawlessness, and general deviltry.
To one viewer, off in different directions with elaborate casualness, to regroup behind Rusty's garage, concocting who knows what deviltry, having conveniently evaporated from the hoary scribe's all-consuming minutes.
But taken in its totality, the story is an indictment of inexplicable administration dithering in the face of Qaddafi's bluster, havoc, and deviltry.