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Synonyms for devilishly

as a devil

in a playfully devilish manner


(used as intensives) extremely

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THIS steak might look devilishly delicious - but it's sparked a furore on social media where viewers have claimed it features the face and horns of Satan.
HOOK, LINE & SINKER MASSHOUSE PLAZA, BIRMINGHAM B5 5JE Verdict: HIIII TRAPPED on an island bordered by Moor Street Queensway and the B4114, this chippy is devilishly hard to get to in a chipmobile.
Alessandra lessandra Ambrosio The Victoria's Secret angel has got this style devilishly wrong.
Simple to get into and devilishly detailed thereafter, Motorsport Manager will hold the most appeal for fans of four wheels.
Though it's a tad overcranked in the final furlong, the sheer energy on display and a devilishly compelling plot ultimately win the day.
It is devilishly difficult to reveal and accept the truth in an ethnically divided society but Macedonians and Albanians have one thing in common--they do not trust the judiciary.
Wonderfully named Devilishly Spiced Pork Chilli Meatballs and Meat Bites are the perfect ingredients for caterers and ready meal and snack manufacturers seeking to add 'pzazz' to snacks.
Bing Xiang made a big impression with his devilishly good playing in a Halloween themed concert alongside Gordon in 2012.
Flappy Bird is the stuff app store dreams are made of: developed by a young Vietnamese designer named Dong Nguyen, the devilishly difficult gameinvolving a bird striving to fly through a set of pipes without touching anythingwent on to become a pop culture phenomenon, earning $50,000 per day before Nguyen, citing the game's highly addictive potential, decided to cease production, creating a robust black market for Flappy Bird knock-offs.
Rather than lauding excess and hyperbole, Tre Kind is a devilishly easy drinker.
Release the Hounds ITV2, Monday, 10pm THE questions on Only Connect can be devilishly difficult, and it must be pretty intimidating to face Jeremy Paxman on University Challenge.
The Gobstopper Potion Mix A DEVILISHLY delicious witches' brew of candy treats, including worms, bats, turtles and foam mushrooms.
The annual Greenkeepers' Revenge Tournament at the Royal Golf Club is an event which allows the Greenkeeping team to set up the Montgomerie Course at its most devilishly difficult to test the very best golfers.
Held each year as a fun event for the Royal Golf Club green-keeping team to challenge members, the competition is played out on the Montgomerie championship course at its most devilishly difficult.
With its shoulder pads and sparkly encrusted jewels, she's got vintage glamour down to a tee, and with a splash of red lippy, she really completes her devilishly delightful look.