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Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

Synonyms for devilish

showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil

playful in an appealingly bold way

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in a playfully devilish manner


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LUXURIOUS Scottish Ballet''s The Sleeping Beauty at the Theatre Royal promises delicious twists, devilish wit and stunning visuals
The President further asked for the establishment of a permanent secretariat for the current anti-terror conference to arrange and hold annual meetings in different countries to work on specific agendas, including presentation of a common definition for terrorism and its root causes, presentation of clear and operational solutions for a united campaign against terrorism, and mobilization of a global will for real and effective fight against this devilish phenomenon.
Iran "does not pay attention to these devilish documents.
HEARTLESS 18, 113mins, opens Friday, May 21 JIM Sturgess is photographer Jamie Morgan, who discovers demons on the streets of East London and has to make a pact with the devilish Papa B (Joseph Mawle) in this stylish horror-chiller.
HE was the baddest of the bad on Hollyoaks when he played murderous Niall Rafferty, but actor Barry Sloane couldn't be more different from his soap devilish side.
The result is a musical dervish, a devilish, iconoclastic blast of a future that's having too much fun to take itself too seriously.
WITCHES OF EASTWICK Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay Tel: 08700 40 2000 Marti Pellow stars as the devilish Daryl Van Horne who teaches a trio of desperate housewives a few things about love.
com may be of some consolation, if not devilish delight.
Some of his classmates told how he gave them nicknames, was known for his devilish smile and often did surprisingly spontaneous things, like the time he stood up in class acting like a meerkat.
90 Second Cellphone Chillin' Theater is a devilish audiobook collection of short stories so short they could be coined vignettes.
Creatively presenting the devilish intentions and pursuits of the four lead characters and their intertwining fates of the four books, Double Daggers is a riveting historical interpretation of the great mythical powers of the legendary Roman coin.
With his devilish little grin, Moses mustered out a "no.
A hair salon proved to be a cut above the rest with some devilish designs for a new TV drama.
In discussing cunning-folks' moral status, Davies shows that while the elites fluctuated between denouncing them as frauds and denouncing them as Devilish, ordinary people continued to patronize them as long as they fulfilled their perceived needs, and only stopped when their services came to seem irrelevant.
Festivalgoers can also catch Marianne Faithfull in a devilish turn as the ringmaster of the Robert Wilson-Tom Waits-William S.