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Synonyms for devil-may-care

Synonyms for devil-may-care

marked by a carefree unconventionality or disreputableness

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He may come across as a man still in possession of a youthful, devil-may-care attitude, but there's an awful lot of precision to Guy Martin as this excellent read makes abundantly clear.
Judging from his work, Los Angeles artist Bob Dob has a sick sense of humor, not to mention a rebellious, devil-may-care attitude.
But when devil-may-care piano player Fats Waller suggests a way that Mark and his friends can make some quick cash, he finds himself involved in bootlegging whiskey and in deep trouble with the notorious gangster Dutch Schultz.
Instead, I went wild, adopted a devil-may-care attitude and ordered a pie.
And it's not just youthful exuberance or devil-may-care posturing that drives the talk.
That's why this lady is a scamp: Devil-may-care pundit and author Ann Coulter is refusing to cooperate in an investigation into voting fraud, and prosecutors in Palm Beach County, Fla.
The flimsy two-door convertible, adapted liberally from the American military model after World War II and given somewhat improbable second life as a devil-may-care dune-buggy in the '80s, was being outpaced in sales by the giant, reassuringly roofed SUVs that had begun to flood the market earlier in the decade.
Indeed, his new gestural paintings have a fresher, freer, more expansive, devil-may-care look than his earlier works, which appear labored and uptight in comparison.
Now there is a man with a devil-may-care attitude towards his dough.
Suffers, it is said, spend every spare minute seeking epic waves and, when the sun sets, they are known for their wild parties and devil-may-care attitude.
Obviously, her devil-may-care, I've-got-it-and-I'll-damn-well-flaunt-it attitude became a sore point when her flabby bum and fat freckly back became the focus of relentless tabloid taunts.
Billy "Skid" Marks was excommunicated from The Firm following some team compatibility problems and his general devil-may-care attitude.
Chen's portrayal of Mercutio is inspired and believable, with just the right touch of devil-may-care in his performance.
To hear liberals tell it, Ronald Reagan presided over the country with a devil-may-care attitude that took deficits and debt as much for granted as the new White House china.
Also if you have generated the draft with the freewriting, devil-may-care attitude, you have not sacrificed so much to write the words, and you are more willing to cut.