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small manta (to 4 feet) that travels in schools

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Ryan Royster, a 2004 graduate of Churchill High School, was one of 12 minor-league baseball players honored by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for their performances this summer.
Add something to that list now, though - Tim Wakefield will beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
He had little idea that right across town, future Devil Ray teammate Carl Crawford was breaking records and earning scholarship offers from all over the nation while starting at nearby Jefferson Davis High School.
Just beyond the right-center field wall in the depressing warehouse the decade-old Tampa Bay Devil Rays had always hoped they wouldn't have to play in this long, there is a small, transparent tank stocked with cownose rays on loan from the nearby Florida Aquarium.
But the problem with the Devil Rays was not just that they always lost or that the entire league laughed at them.
You play so many games," said Jonathan Papelbon, who closed out the Devil Rays in the ninth to pick up the save, "that obviously, it's good to get in (the playoffs).
The Devil Rays mounted another threat in the top of the eighth when Velandia led off with a single and with one out, Iwamura singled him to second base.
The taxpayer also operated a minor-league baseball affiliate of the Devil Rays during 1995 and 1996.
The Yankees made sure Spreadwise followers were in clover last Wednesday night with a 7-1 win over the Devil Rays in Tampa, and they can reward backers yet again when the two sides clash in New York tonight with the game live on Channel 5.
In Boston, Troy O'Leary's single with one out in the bottom of the tenth inning scored Nomar Garciaparra to give the Boston Red Sox their fourth straight win, a 3-2 triumph over the struggling Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- The Tampa Bay Devil Rays and AlphaTrade.
ANAHEIM - Before Monday's game, Tampa Bay Devil Rays manager and former Angels bench coach Joe Maddon, had sworn he had won a game at Angel Stadium in his two-year tenure when he was informed, he hadn't.
They had yet to play a game against the Devil Rays.
But those at the Tampa Polytrauma Center got a great surprise June 23 when members of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays visited, bringing along autographed baseball bats and other memorabilia to make the smiles of the patients even brighter.