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Jay Simpson is outstanding as the devil dog, who appears in little more than a codpiece and wagging tail, with enlarged pointed ears and twisted horns.
The final chapter of Devil Dog covers Butler's exposure of a plot against the White House concocted by titans of industry.
Far more expensive than Ozzy's Devil Dog, but it goes down a lot easier.
WJW Meteorologist, Dick Goddard, is the event's Master of Ceremonies and will introduce Royal Appliance's Chairman, John Balch, and Sam, the Dirt Devil Dog.
Is the acquisition of a devil dog by your spouse grounds for divorce?
Both spots feature Royal's TV commercial duo: President John Balch, and "Sam" the Dirt Devil dog.
But his name did come up in numerous conversations and none of the callers had a devil dog by his or her side or was speaking between slurps of Kestrel Lager.
A FARMER has told of the "total carnage" he witnessed after a devil dog tore its way through his flock of sheep.
League and the Military Order of the Devil Dog in Worcester.
but little Cassie the Yorkshire terrier has been branded a devil dog.
Fyvie, Montrose, Angus AS an owner of a so-called devil dog, I am shocked people still blame the animals, not the owners.
I will say it again - there is no such thing as a devil dog.
Let's hope it balances out, because not everyone on a housing scheme swears at their five-year-old and spends their days doing the shellsuit shuffle with their devil dog and a pocket full of downers.
SCARRED FOR LIFE: Leah, with mum Jane, nearly lost an arm in attack by devil dog, believed to be an American bull mastiff like the one above