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someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument

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assertiveness) employed by devil's advocates during the innovation process.
power derived from social roles and interpersonal power as well as the more traditional notion of positional power), one can ask how organizational members respond to devil's advocates of different gender roles, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, class, or able-bodiedness.
Key organizational members enact the roles of idea champions, orchestrators, and devil's advocates.
Unexpectedly, results indicate that those who have the power to champion innovation are also capable of challenging it, suggesting the existence of a new innovation role held by organizational members who object to innovation adoption or innovation: the devil's advocate.
For devil's advocates to have any effect on the board's decision-making process, their role must be respected and the objections they raise taken seriously.
But unless they have large stock holding or some similar kind of stake, devil's advocates are shunned by most boards.
The Devil's Advocate (or Promoter of the Faith) was responsible for presenting information and arguing the case against canonization to prevent the Church from making an error in this critically important decision.
In such circumstances, the devil's advocate acts, in effect, as a good trial lawyer, presenting his or her arguments against the majority position as convincingly as possible.