devil's advocate

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someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument

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The Devil's Advocate has been performing legal fee management and litigation consulting services since 1993.
We can let the devil's advocate do the hard work for us when in fact everyone should come prepared to discuss both sides.
When Loyola Press recently released a new edition of Morris West's The Devil's Advocate, it gave modern readers of Catholic fiction the chance to encounter the classic tensions of theological inquiry: faith and reason, belief and doubt, grace and sin, hope and despair.
They're not Spanish and have far greater levels of devolution than us so, as devil's advocate, I ask this simple question - why should the British sides be allowed independent status when they are not independent countries?
He prides himself on being a strict devil's advocate.
We constantly debate about things and become the devil's advocate.
Kerry is a relentless questioner, often playing devil's advocate with his staff--a quality especially esteemed by presidential historians, and the very opposite of George W.
The man who describes himself as a pop star, poet, open-plan politician, living saint, devil's advocate, freelance genius and natural irritant, will be appearing on stage in Bedworth as part of his 2003 UK tour.
Peck: Let me play devil's advocate and advance some of the arguments made for more federal involvement in assisted living and get your responses.
Which is to say that I would play the devil's advocate and say you are a powerful formalist and that your formal investigation is thought as power.
His teaching was unorthodox, oscillating between mentor, patriarch and devil's advocate in style and substance.
Role-play: Ask students to play devil's advocate, reminding them that this is an important job in any strategy design, military or otherwise.
Play devil's advocate, but don't allow yourself to always be on the negative.
I'm going to be throwing out some devil's advocate questions for both of you.
The vulnerability at the heart of the women (we would now call them sex workers) she played--the businesslike devil's advocate Lola, the worn-down prostitute Anna in New Girl in Town, the ever-hopeful taxi dancer Charity and even the brassy, hardened adulteress Roxie--was the secret weapon with which Verdon conquered Broadway.