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any plant of the genus Argemone having large white or yellow flowers and prickly leaves and stems and pods

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Thomas, carved and blasted into a steep coastline overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the so-called Devil's Triangle casts an imposing presence.
For families with older children, there is a hike, 7 1/2 miles round-trip, to a rocky promontory called Devil's Chair.
2) ``The Devil's Own'' star Brad Pitt, who signed to make the film early on, slammed the film in a Newsweek interview.
Cannell's next book and will receive an autographed copy of THE DEVIL'S WORKSHOP.
An adequate water level in the pool at Devil's Hole is critical for the survival of the fish and has been the concern of park officials with Death Valley National Monument since the early 1970s.
For FX simulators and lighter/shaders, who find slow rendering or simulations a hindrance to their workflow, the Devil's Advocate, with its 64-core, four-processor, 128GB RAM, is designed to give the artist interactivity previously unavailable.
But a devil can't tell another devil's cells from its own.
The good news is that the devil's low diversity has a long history and may not be reason for as much concern as once thought.
Devil's Claw has been a very important resource for the livelihood of many Namibians for over 50 years.
The Devil and Demonism does not directly challenge historical interpretations of witchcraft demonology, but rather focuses on the devil's unexceptional role in the lives of early modern men and women.
International award-winning author Dan Wick presents The Devil's Tale, a witty novel that dares to postulate the question: what if Lucifer were in fact a benevolent devil (if such a thing can be said to exist) who wished to save an increasingly despoiled Earth from the rapacious consumption of cruel and ruthless humans?
The disease starts as a small tumor (an abnormal mass of tissue) in a devil's mouth.
Now in its second revised edition, Inspired by the Devil: Part 1--The Gospel According to "Judas Iscariot" is a novel about the Devil's desire to claim his due, and one man's journey to Hell and back.
As Jesus was lured by the devil's offer of bread, we are lured by the offer of wealth and possessions.
When Dendle argues in chapter two that the devil in Old English literature loses his role as tempter, he gives the following explanation for this position, referring to AElfric's account of the Forty Soldiers: "There is no need for it [the struggle between sinner and sin]: since the fit between the devil's impulse and the judge's complicity is as snug as nut and bolt, the villain in early medieval narrative is already arod to deofles willan ('ready to the devil's will,' 1.