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any plant of the genus Argemone having large white or yellow flowers and prickly leaves and stems and pods

References in classic literature ?
He approached at the back of one of the most deeply engaged of the Devil's Row children.
The party stood for a moment exchanging vainglorious remarks with Devil's Row.
Devil's Line 2 is the second volume of a black-and-white manga (Japanese graphic novel) set in a Japan where vampiric, blood-thirsting "devils" walk among human beings.
But a devil can't tell another devil's cells from its own.
Devil's Claw has been a very important resource for the livelihood of many Namibians for over 50 years.
The disease starts as a small tumor (an abnormal mass of tissue) in a devil's mouth.
Now in its second revised edition, Inspired by the Devil: Part 1--The Gospel According to "Judas Iscariot" is a novel about the Devil's desire to claim his due, and one man's journey to Hell and back.
As Jesus was lured by the devil's offer of bread, we are lured by the offer of wealth and possessions.
PEARBLOSSOM - With its unusual sandstone cliffs and breathtaking views, the Devil's Punchbowl County Park is a great place to spend a day with the family.
Because a dust devil's charged particles move in circular paths at ever-changing speeds, they create a varying magnetic field.
When Dendle argues in chapter two that the devil in Old English literature loses his role as tempter, he gives the following explanation for this position, referring to AElfric's account of the Forty Soldiers: "There is no need for it [the struggle between sinner and sin]: since the fit between the devil's impulse and the judge's complicity is as snug as nut and bolt, the villain in early medieval narrative is already arod to deofles willan ('ready to the devil's will,' 1.
Point 15, he says, also solemnly declares that one should not carry out exorcisms if one is not certain of the devil's presence.
When we pledge our allegiance to creation instead of to the Creator and want a better deal, as Adam and Eve did, than the one God has already promised us, we have crossed the threshold into the devil's territory.
Meanwhile, at parties, hostesses serve deviled eggs and devil's food cake.