device driver

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(computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device

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NET 2002 to provide the device driver developer with a robust set of tools addressing the complete driver development life cycle.
The device drivers are provided as compiled binaries with every PLDA PCI Express IP core and FPGA design kit.
Bringing dramatic software enhancements and a richer user experience, DriverWorkbench provides seamless integration of Visual SoftICE with DriverStudio tools such as BoundsChecker Driver Edition, TrueTime Driver Edition and TrueCoverage Driver Edition for developers using Visual Studio, allowing them to build device drivers more quickly and easily.
SmartDeploy CEO Aaron Suzuki and his team of deployment experts will take an in-depth look into device drivers in the second session of a driver webcast series.
The MPC8260 Device Driver provides full support for FCC Controllers (ATM or Fast Ethernet), MCC Controllers (HDLC or Transparent Modes), SCC Controllers (HDLC or Ethernet), MMU/Cache Support, Configurable Flow Control Options, and Standard MIB Support.
The presentation could as easily be displayed on multiple projectors, companywide, at the maximum resolution of each device, all without the headaches of stringing them together, VGA distribution amps, and device drivers.
Developing a robust, reliable device driver can be a time consuming, complex project," said Chris Williams, Business Unit Manager at Microsoft Corp.
com website generates in excess of 100,000 Unique Visitors per month for device driver related content to whom Touchstone Software's DriverAgent service is directly targeted.
com, one of the Internet's premier Device Driver resource web sites.
Most importantly, it allows carriers to accelerate the introduction of new services by simplifying the process for adding new technologies into the network, through the simple addition of a device driver.
PHOENIX, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM's Personal Software Products (PSP) division has announced the availability of the Device Driver Development Kit (DDK) for OS/2(A) the company's award-winning 32-bit operating system for personal computers.
TouchStone Software has been able to successfully execute on its new business plan with the integration of its recent acquisition of two technical web portals and the adaptation of its newly acquired UpdateFX technology into the successful launch of Driver Agent, TouchStone Software's new Internet based device driver update service," said Jason K.
TouchStone Software Corporation (OTC BB: TSSW), a developer of innovative utility software, today announced that it has launched its new Driver Agent device driver update Service on the world wide web and can be accessed at www.
The device driver and application software supports Windows XP operating systems.