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(computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device

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To access Device Driver Roll Back, click on Start, Control Panel, System, the Hardware tab and Device Manager (exhibit 4, below).
Windows creates the restore points when you start XP for the first time, when you allow a Windows Update or unsigned device driver to install, before a system restoration, and during other events.
If your system is unbootable, then a regular file-by-file backup cannot be used until at least a minimal OS has been re-installed; disk partitions are established when required; device drivers are reinstalled; and, if used, any third-party backup software product is re-installed.
The PLDA device drivers and APIs provide a robust and flexible software framework for FPGA-based PCI Express adapter cards
Since the RAID device drivers must be installed in one host system, it is not possible to have other systems sharing the storage.
We want to provide attendees with an advance way to look at device driver management," said Suzuki.
This eliminates the need for external device drivers.
com will provide a true compliment to TouchStone's existing network of technical content web sites and is expected to immediately pay dividends by directing users to TouchStone's popular DriverAgent on-line device driver update subscription service," said Jason Raza, president and chief executive officer of TouchStone Software Corporation.
com website generates in excess of 100,000 Unique Visitors per month for device driver related content to whom Touchstone Software's DriverAgent service is directly targeted.
com, one of the Internet's premier Device Driver resource web sites.
Most importantly, it allows carriers to accelerate the introduction of new services by simplifying the process for adding new technologies into the network, through the simple addition of a device driver.