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any measurable property of a device measured under closely specified conditions

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The uncertainty of DCCB virtual sensors is created by two factors: 1) the uncertainty of measurements from sensors and propagation of this uncertainty through the empirical and/or analytic relationships from which the virtual sensor values are determined, and 2) uncertainty in the device characteristic curves.
2) Conversion of the device characteristic fluctuations into a compact statistical model[3] for very large-scale circuit simulation enables efficient statistical circuit simulation for calculation of design windows and evaluation of areas where productivity can be improved through ease of manufacturing, while maintaining circuit speed and functionality.
Groundbreaking, Customizable Database and Search Engine Distills More Than 1000 Device Characteristics, Behaviors and Performances to Help Mobile Developers Target Their Available Market
The Importance of Assessing the Match of Individual and Device Characteristics
To find differences in mobility device characteristics between the two groups, we performed Fisher's exact statistics and independent t-tests.
The differences between the theoretical or computational results and the instrumental experimental tests can be explained through the impossibility to simulate the real excitations, besides the inclusion of the entire set of protective device characteristics into the transfer function used on numerical simulations.
Variables most likely include patient population under consideration (edema, hypotension, or poor perfusion); meter device characteristics and measurement technology (in particular extent of hematocrit effect but also any effect of oxygen content or pH); sample volume requirements for the measuring device; and range of glucose values encountered (i.
It takes into account various factors, including network bandwidth, SlingPlayer device characteristics, video content, and the type of video input.
Both editions include annexes titled Questions That Can Be Used to Identify Medical Device Characteristics That Could Impact Safety.
Kaliski says RSA will investigate combinations of mobile devices, biometrics and device characteristics, as well as more off-the-wall ideas like signal-emitting belly-button rings.
Unfortunately the device characteristics prevented measurements to parts in [10.
With mainframe channel commands, you can issue a Read Device Characteristics command and get asset information from any vendor's box.
From onboarding to conversion, Leanplum's marketing engagement automation is powered by deep, real-time analytics of user behavior, device characteristics, location, and more.
Dry Powder Inhalation Technology - Dry Powder Formulations - Dry Powder Particle Technology & Powder Engineering - Dry Powder Processing - Dry Powder Packaging - Emerging Formulations - Dry Powder Inhalers - DPI Device Characteristics - DPI Design Parameters 4.
SONOS does not alter standard device characteristics or models when added to baseline CMOS process, preserving existing design IP.