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any measurable property of a device measured under closely specified conditions

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The uncertainty of DCCB virtual sensors is created by two factors: 1) the uncertainty of measurements from sensors and propagation of this uncertainty through the empirical and/or analytic relationships from which the virtual sensor values are determined, and 2) uncertainty in the device characteristic curves.
r,i] represent the measured value of device characteristic and the value of the characteristics from the regression curve at each measurement point, respectively, represents the degrees of freedom of the regression and is defined as [upsilon] = N - (M+1), N is the number of measurement points, and m is the number of the regression coefficients.
2) Conversion of the device characteristic fluctuations into a compact statistical model[3] for very large-scale circuit simulation enables efficient statistical circuit simulation for calculation of design windows and evaluation of areas where productivity can be improved through ease of manufacturing, while maintaining circuit speed and functionality.
Groundbreaking, Customizable Database and Search Engine Distills More Than 1000 Device Characteristics, Behaviors and Performances to Help Mobile Developers Target Their Available Market
Although a planar MOSFET structure had been adopted up to now in processes through the 28 nm generation, Renesas has adopted a new FinFET device, which adopts a fin structure that suppresses process variations in the 16 nm process and clearly improves device characteristics.
The Survey System's responsive survey design solves this problem by using fonts and graphics tailored to different device characteristics.
device characteristics such as signal strength, battery charge and memory; all with integrated crash detection and diagnostics.
As the BYOD approach continues to proliferate, end users are looking for a greater sense of privacy and ownership over their personal information and device characteristics.
They may even hide cookies and disguise device characteristics to look like a legitimate agent or customer.
Not only will the number and type of devices for N-Screen increase, but also a wide variety of services will be offered for the same content reflecting device characteristics.
1) for browser apps become the core connections to those devices--the layer that exposes the different platform and device characteristics through a com mon development framework for the developer, Gruber says.
The model has been operationalized by a series of assessment instruments addressing the match of individual and device characteristics, and the relevant environments most impacting a good match.
In applications ranging from medical imaging to digital photography, these basic device characteristics underlie the quality of experience.
It takes into account the environment in which the device will be used, the abilities and limitations of the user, and device characteristics that play a part in the user interaction.
To find differences in mobility device characteristics between the two groups, we performed Fisher's exact statistics and independent t-tests.