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3, 2007) (stating that the deviatory crime was foreseeable "in order to carry out the actus reus of the crimes forming part of the common purpose"); Prosecutor v.
He said the memogate and other crises are just actually deviatory matters and the government is trying to bring the nation on the same page to confront internal and external crises.
Additionally, they called upon the Ministry of Information and Culture to prevent some TV channels from broadcasting "moral deviatory programs" Karzai thanked the ulema for their sense of patriotism and the role they played on key national issues.
D] are components of deviatory part of the stress tensor, F([sigma]) is the function of plasticity, which is defined for Mises model as:
As Gill himself points out, Achilles' deviatory behaviour and social criticism as expressed in Iliad 9 directly result from the breach in the normative behaviour on the part of Agamemnon, his social equal, who `has undermined the relationship of generalized reciprocity which should exist between chieftains' (p.