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Synonyms for deviate

Synonyms for deviate

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

to change the direction or course of

one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm

Synonyms for deviate

be at variance with

cause to turn away from a previous or expected course

Related Words

markedly different from an accepted norm

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3]) on the axial and volumetric strains of ballast achieved at the end of 500,000 cycles for a maximum deviator stress of 500 kPa.
p)]--are the tensors accordingly to general stresses, stresses of deviator part and plastic deformations; [alpha], [phi], c--accordingly the stresses invariant--the Lode-Naday's angle, the angle of soil internal friction, and the soil specific cohesion.
For convenience, we introduce the definitions of the mean strain deviator [[epsilon].
Shorter drivers complained that the seat belts cut across their necks and needed a deviator to overcome the problem, which reduces the effectiveness of the belt.
The study is not only observation to liquefaction phenomena but also influence of confining pressure and cyclic deviator stress on liquefaction of clayey sand.
The deviation was immediately detected and the deviator was anonymously reprimanded.
A newly designed rain deviator ensures that the feed window remains dry, even in high wind conditions.
MR is defined as the deviator stress divided by the recoverable strain and well-known to be dependent on the current material stress state.
The Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) - a national body which inspects prisons for the Government - says buying a signal deviator is an "urgent requirement".
As mentioned in Section 5, anonymous bidding weakens the monitoring technology of the subjects, so they cannot target their punishment on the particular deviator.
Only having reached this peak strength and then subsequently increasing the axial strains, one can see the following: the soil strength reduces, the sample bulges, slow reducing the deviator stress.
2000) also reported that the confining pressure has more effect on granular soils stiffness than deviator stress.