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an ideological defector from the party line (especially from orthodox communism)

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39) The Congress adopted the Front's 11-point declaration on the tasks and objectives of the Kampuchean revolution which was about to be re-routed from its deviationist line.
In this jurisprudential context, the deviationist quality of one-judge "opinions of the Court," not circulated to colleagues, whose dispositions are silently acquiesced in by Justices who did not vote for them, can be seen as a product of a quite different theory of the role of a judge.
Pres Ali Abdullah Saleh criticises Hussain Al Houthi and his thoughts and describes his behaviour as " deviationist from the values of Islam".
Compared with Al-Arqam, which was quickly banned in 1994 by the UMNO government on allegations that it was a deviationist movement, PAS did not make any effort to reconstruct Islam in the sense of a specific "Islamic modernity" that had been calling for the Islamization of modern science and technology (Tibi 1992).
In reference to Mukarovsky's view that poetic language deviates From standard language, Iser says this "orthodox deviationist theory is evidently highly puristic--what is aesthetic in art is presumably nonaesthetic in real life" (88).
We think that it is rather curious that although MacKinnon makes reference to other cases that are more directly related to gender she should take as her star example of deviationist legal doctrine a case that is primarily about race.
According to the paper, he said they have been questioned for ''indulging in deviationist teachings'' and would be charged in the Islamic court.
And indeed, much of the specific politicization of language policy in the period under discussion seems unique to the Soviet Union and its closest satellites, where advocacy of a particular linguistic approach could lead to one's being branded as a leftwing deviationist or a bourgeois nationalist, and to imprisonment.
Koresh's followers were essentially deviationist Seventh Day Adventists, not some random cult inspired by extraterrestrials.
Prejudice, then, is a kind of intellectual heresy, a deviationist thinking; prejudice constitutes identity in terms of the group.
For Sendero Luminoso, such organizations are deviationist and therefore worthy of destruction.
Since the long-run versus the short-run neutrality of money is emphatically distinguished by Niehans, it follows logically that classical adherence to money neutrality in the long term sets Keynes apart as a deviationist from the classical fold.
33) He recalls his sendoff in New York: "The farewell party arranged by my friends included the cream of the intelligentsia, with not a deviationist in the company.
By the time he returned to the United States in June he had been expelled from the Communist Party as a "right deviationist.
This idea was strengthened by the fact that Kullervo Manner, the leader of the People's Deputation in 1918 and SKP chairman from 1920 to 1934, had been removed as a deviationist and remained largely unmentioned.