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ideological defection from the party line (especially from orthodox communism)

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Every time Hoppe, Rothbard, or Tucker castigates a "libertarian" for non-libertarian stances, I maintain that this is not a case of left-wing (or rightwing--see below) libertarian deviationism.
And in April, less than three months before the G-8 summit itself, Moscow embargoed the import of wine from both Moldova and Georgia, devastating their economies in retaliation for their democratic deviationism.
Such was the opposition in Alberta that the policy was eventually abandoned, though not before several of the most influential comrades had been expelled for right deviationism and the party had split into sometimes physically warring factions.
Expelled from the Communist ranks for deviationism in 1929, Willi Schlamm became a prominent anti-Nazi and anti-Stalinist newspaper editor in central Europe during the 1930s.
Deviationism was hunted down as vigorously as it was to be in the Soviet Kremlin: Gilbert Scott got into trouble for imprudently winning a competition for a church in Hamburg at the same time.