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Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

Synonyms for deviation

a variation that deviates from the standard or norm

the difference between an observed value and the expected value of a variable or function

the error of a compass due to local magnetic disturbances

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deviate behavior


a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern)

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In fiscal 2013, with the Yoyogi Seminar college-prep school cooperating to administer the test, they answered two out of four math questions for the humanities course and two out of six math questions for the science course, which represented a deviation value of approximately 60 among all test-takers.
Just as I described the differences between standard deviation and standard error in this editorial, I plan to help readers navigate this increasingly complex range of statistical testing being reported in results sections in JVIB in future Statistical Sidebars.
The deviation would allow domestic banks to exclude some government bond volatility while calculating tier 1 capital.
Dr Kurd Ali said that in some cases, a surgical intervention to correct the nasal septum deviation is very important for a normal life.
The fact is that, a corrective surgical intervention to correct the severe nasal septum deviation is very important for a normal life.
Bush carried high standard deviations in their first terms due to war.
With this as the basis, we analyzed the standard deviation in relation to aperture shape and size, as well as the impact of active squeegee technology on transfer efficiency.
37) And, even with perfect data, when this litigation reached federal court over a year after the 2000 Census's completion, the demography of Pennsylvania had surely changed enough to make the court's decision to throw out the map because of a nineteen-person deviation absurd.
For a transparent and judicious evaluation, all the missing deviations which were overlooked by the consultants were also considered by the review committee, he added.
1] is the maximum deviation of the discriminant score of a misclassified observation from the nearest endpoint of the interval assigned to its group
Moreover, in many of these classification systems, deviation is evaluated at only one specific point along the entire septum.
This negative deviation in personal tax rates can be expressed in BOTE as a reduction in TD.
03", and the experimental standard deviation stated by the manufacturer has never exceeded 0.
Those participants that initially had a low standard deviation also showed some improvement in repeatability, with their standard deviations decreasing by 11-16%.
Necessary reaction capabilities are determined from the influencing parameters of the deviation of the seam trajectory from the imaginary sewing line and joining accuracy according to the formula: