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Synonyms for deviate

Synonyms for deviate

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

to change the direction or course of

one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm

Synonyms for deviate

be at variance with

cause to turn away from a previous or expected course

Related Words

markedly different from an accepted norm

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They feel the current proposal would be far more invasive because it would require them to look for patterns in the way customers handle financial transactions and report activity that deviates from the norm.
11) Finally, like sexual deviates, they can relive the excitement of the experience by reviewing the videotape.
This may happen because when the union deviates, allowing a wage hike is a sure way of inducing cooperation from the union.
Nowhere do these silvery orbs deviate by more than 40 atoms from perfect sphericity.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- The Elekta medical-technology group (STO:EKTA) reports an operating margin for the third quarter of the split financial year of 9 percent, which deviates negatively from the forecast presented earlier of an operating margin of 11-13 percent, primarily as a result of delays of planned deliveries which instead will be realized in the current quarter.
Anybody who deviates, we consider them a provocateur," said Jose Basulto, head of the Cuban-exile search-and-rescue group Brothers to the Rescue.
Scientists say the comet's ratio of carbon-12 to carbon-13 deviates from the ratio found in other solar system matter.
The fund will be rebalanced if the allocation to one or more of the underlying funds deviates by 3% or more from its target weighting.
We do not tolerate behavior that deviates from our ethical standards.
Other features highlighted by Waters include the system's historical alerts that provide firms with a full audit trail capability and the profile feature that allows investigators to track client, account, product and business activities across several dimensions and is able to detect behavior that deviates from the norm.
According to international regulations, a flight is considered delayed when the actual arrival or departure time deviates by more than 15 minutes from the original scheduled time.