deviated septum

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abnormal displacement of any wall that separates two chambers (usually in the nasal cavity)

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22) For their study, they recruited 30 patients with nasal obstruction secondary to a deviated septum who were scheduled to undergo primary septoplasty with or without radiofrequency reduction of the inferior turbinates.
Deviated septum was stitched to opposite medial crus of lower lateral cartilage using Prolene 4/0 (modified Kriedel's technique) as shown in fig-I.
The most common organic causes of nasal obstruction are: hypertrophy of adenoids, allergic rhinitis, deviated septum, sinusitis, hypertrophy turbinates and chronic infections of the tonsils [6].
He then consulted with a specialist in Newcastle who told him that he had suffered injuries including a deviated septum and would have to wait a year for surgery to be considered.
This innovative product helps increase air flow with the added benefit of soothing menthol vapors to help consumers afflicted with allergies, colds or a deviated septum.
One example is a deviated septum, which means the thin "wall" between your nostrils is slightly askew, blocking airflow in one side of your nose.
The deviated septum caused his sinusitis, which in turn induced the headache.
He has a deviated septum and doesn't want an operation.
Mr Rees suffered body bruising and a deviated septum.
Rhinoplasty can also help with functional concerns, like a deviated septum or nasal airway obstruction.
For example, narrow drainage passages in your nose, a deviated septum or nasal polyps (growths that block the sinus passages) can all contribute to the condition.
The attack left mum-of-one Rebecca virtually unable to breathe as she suffered a deviated septum, splayed nasal bones and fractures.
Prior to going on a partial Gerson Therapy, I went to an ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor, who removed a deviated septum on the right side of my nose, which ultimately made it easier to breath at night and improved my drainage.
Gibb has suffered sinus pain and irritation, nose bleeds, a deviated septum, nasal polyps, diminished lung capacity, irritable bowel syndrome, urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, kidney stones, sleep apnea and sleeplessness, the suit says.
The papers included state-of-the-art techniques in cosmetic surgery, such as modifications to a deviated septum, arm-lifting, removal of excess skin, body contour modification and other problems of the body and skin.