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Synonyms for deviate

Synonyms for deviate

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

to change the direction or course of

one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm

Synonyms for deviate

be at variance with

cause to turn away from a previous or expected course

Related Words

markedly different from an accepted norm

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The Deviate will also be the featured product at the 75[sup.
Firms that deviate from fit in their current environments, may be doing so deliberately in order to benefit in the future.
Hence if condition (6) holds, it does not pay the union to deviate.
Indeed, one might fault Agosto Cintron for an apparent reticence to engage in 'theoretical' argumentation or to point out the lines where her interpretation deviates from others.
Instead, SPA strengthens CounterStorm's already compelling behavioral and anomaly-based security solution with the ability to detect application exploits that deviate from the network's normal application content profile.
An analysis of the bar chart shows the sample data deviate from Benford's predictions for second-digit frequencies--further evidence of irregularity.
The price per share (excluding incidental acquisition expenses) paid by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Aktiengesellschaft must in this program not deviate by more than ten percent in either direction from the share's average closing price on the XETRA or an equivalent successor system on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange during the last five trading days prior to entering into the purchase commitment.
The playwright's agenda moves forward with the return from England of former classmate Daithi (Tripp Pickell), who has come back to town to force a confrontation with the priest who tolerated their abuse and to secure the whereabouts of the offending deviate, their former teacher Brother Angelus.
Slight shifts in the frequency of the detected waves indicated that Io's gravity was causing the craft to deviate slightly from its prescribed path, which wouldn't happen if Io were a uniformly dense body.
The temperature gradient created when sunlight strikes one edge of the mirror while the other edge remains in darkness -- a scenario occurring daily and lasting several hours -- temporarily causes the mirrors to deviate from flatness by about 300 millionths of an inch, an error large enough to significantly dim the images of clouds, oceans and storms, Dezio says.
In this instance the NWA imposed contract is so severe and detrimental to our craft we feel compelled to deviate from our policy and advise you that a majority of the NEC feels its ratification would be a grave disservice to our members.
Mercer said she doubted the board would feel a need to deviate from that schedule.
5 million last year, refuses to deviate from his prepared script and only responds to soft pitch questions," said Local 1-3567 vice president Barry King.
Neither coach will deviate from his season-long strategy, and there's no need for motivation.
Because of these risks and uncertainties, some of which may not be currently ascertainable and many of which are beyond Virbac's control, actual future events may deviate from the estimates and assumptions on which the forward-looking statements are based.