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Synonyms for deviate

Synonyms for deviate

to turn away from a prescribed course of action or conduct

to turn aside, especially from the main subject in writing or speaking

to change the direction or course of

one whose sexual behavior differs from the accepted norm

Synonyms for deviate

be at variance with

cause to turn away from a previous or expected course

Related Words

markedly different from an accepted norm

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To figure out how best to deviate requires a good mental picture of the entire situation.
And, the deviate duo opined, the "fastest way to convince straights that homosexuality is commonplace is to get a lot of people talking about the subject in a neutral or supportive way.
The idea that firms deliberately deviate from strategies that fit their environments, is not new.
At the Bolles School, we believe that to survive you have to force the opponents to deviate from their normal calls - go to things they had no intention of using.
This paper argues that in certain situations the union may also have the incentive to unilaterally deviate from the cooperative outcome.
Conversely, an individual with weak attachments is assumed to be unconcerned about the wishes of others, and thereby inclined to deviate from social expectations.
INTRODUCTION Convenient methods for sampling from the exponential or Cauchy distributions are based on inversion of the distribution function F(x); if U is a (0, 1)-uniform deviate then -ln U has the standard exponential distribution, and tan[pi](U - 0.
for causing the Schwab Total Bond Market Fund (the Fund) (NASDAQ:SWLBX) to deviate from its fundamental investment objective to track the Lehman Brothers U.
Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve, has opined that banks in Abu Dhabi should not deviate from basic banking services.
Nisar has elucidated that Saudi Government will not force PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif to deviate from the issue of Musharrafs trial under article-6.
Actually, the bad idea was control freak Juno's (Natalie Mendoza) decision to deviate from the planned itinerary and explore a cave that isn't in the guidebook.
Even though Brazil's TP control mechanisms are based on transactional price and cost, they go far beyond economic reality and deviate from the basic OECD and U.
She started to run, but the deviate drove ahead of her, stopped, opened a car door, and ordered her into the car.
Nowhere do these silvery orbs deviate by more than 40 atoms from perfect sphericity.
Lawrence and Garner were engaged "in deviate sexual conduct, namely, anal sex," according to police records, and were immediately handcuffed and taken to the police station.