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It should be stressed, however, that there is very little evidence to support the assumption that most adolescents who offend sexually actually have deviant sexual interests.
Action could include counselling of priests showing deviant tendencies, suspension from a public ministry or a recommendation to the Vatican to defrock the priest.
Deviant Films' first collaboration with QBlack Media is THE CHOSEN ONE, starring Rob Schneider, Steve Buscemi, and Peter Riegert, a film about an ancient South American Indian tribe who believes Rob's character, an alcoholic used car salesman, is their savior.
Criminological theories, the product of centuries of thought that often fuse formal research with common beliefs, offer scientific explanations for the existence of deviant behavior.
The overarching research focus selected by the instructors for this initial project was the construction of an instrument able to yield reliable and valid measures of the propensity of Orthodox female adolescents to engage in behaviors that are judged deviant by the Orthodox community.
In fact, Szasz argues that the mental health profession, in defining behaviors as deviant and in treating behaviors as diseases, despite finding no physiological basis for these diseases, is really exercising control over the population.
SEATTLE -- A lay review panel in the Seattle archdiocese said the church's celibacy requirement for priests helped "set the stage for the deviant behavior" of clergy sexual abuse.
Police arrest Salah Al Najjar, second suspect in the twin blasts that struck Jeddah on Sep 11, adding that the man belonged to a deviant group.
And it always struck me that this is something in its own right, not a digression from greatness or some kind of weird deviant thing--or if it is, there are so many of us deviants that we ought to stand up and be counted.
Writing in the Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, Stanley Schacter says, "The presence of a disruptive, incompetent deviant in an otherwise competent decision-making group enhances the quality of the work by the total group.
In relation to the development of antisocial behavior, the matching law has been used to describe how negative reinforcement maintains coercive interaction in families (Snyder & Patterson, 1995), how the long term effectiveness of parenting interventions depends on successful alteration of parent contingencies for child behavior (Schrepferman & Snyder, 2002), how children select affiliates and friends in larger peer groups (Snyder, West, Stockemer, Gibbons, & Almquist-Parks, 1996), and how deviant behavior is shaped in adolescent friendships (Dishion et al.
While antiandrogens and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors appear to help reduce deviant urges and behaviors, there are few controlled data in this area.
Andrew Guest, who runs a store in Talisman Square, Kenilworth, liked the goods on offer from Deviant - made up of Warwick School and King's High pupils - at their stall in Leamington's Royal Priors shopping centre.