developmentally challenged

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people collectively who are mentally retarded

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COM are proud to share their passion together for delivering smiles by helping to create jobs for developmentally challenged people throughout America.
I work with good people," said Ramuno, who works with developmentally challenged children at the Child Development Institute in Woodland Hills.
2005 Resie O'Donnell stars as Beth, a feisty but developmentally challenged woman who spends her days riding city buses, in CBS's Riding the Bus With My Sister.
New chapters in this completely revised and updated third edition illustrate the power of mutual aid processes in dealing with children traumatized by the events of September 11, adult survivors of sexual abuse, parents with developmentally challenged children, people with AIDS in substance recovery, and mentally ill older adults.
It's also the people completing one-year or two-year professional and technical programs, people getting their GEDs and developmentally challenged students marking another small step toward a personal goal.
Sheila's faith is at times deeply profound despite the fact that she is developmentally challenged.
These include the founding of a school for developmentally challenged children in Houston run by his wife, Ruth, and fund-raising for students at the Monk Hillmeyer golf tournaments in Florida.
The private, for-profit agency has operated in Peterborough for more than a decade, and grew to 21 homes dealing with emotionally disturbed children aged 12 years and up, developmentally challenged children and adults, persons with brain injuries and other disabilities, young offenders and sex offenders referred by mental health and other social agencies.
He worked his way from direct caregiver and mid-level supervisor posts to manager of a state-run, Brooklyn-based home for the mentally retarded and developmentally challenged.
One of the kids at my school is developmentally challenged.
He also drew family members into the business; one sister is creative director, another sits on the board, a brother is a vp, and a second brother, developmentally disadvantaged, is a grower who runs a greenhouse that employs developmentally challenged workers.
Restoring Vision's efforts also empowers developmentally challenged individuals in the United States, enlisting them to sort through the different magnification strengths of reading glasses prior to distributing them to developing countries.
In addition to being well known for his care of inner city and developmentally challenged children, he has also received international accolades for his innovative research in children with HIV infection.
While the need for the school has declined, the Mercy Centre has found that developmentally challenged adults depend on it more than ever for help with job training and placements.
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