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the degree to which something is poisonous

grave harmfulness or deadliness

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Evidence is growing to support developmental toxicity from prenatal or early postnatal exposure to PAHs.
Previous studies have shown the chemicals could cause tumors and developmental toxicity in laboratory animals at doses much higher than those observed in the recent study.
Move one of the esters to the opposite side of the ring, he notes, and the compound loses its developmental toxicity.
Reproductive toxicologists or teratologists at Southern Research use the system to conduct studies including ICH protocols, multigenerational, developmental toxicity, behavioral and development neurotoxicity studies, among others.
In the following discussions, dose, one of the two key factors that determine the risk of developmental toxicity (abnormal growth, structural anomalies, functional and/or neurobehavioral deficits, or death), is rarely reported.
Test OECD TG Animals used [n (a) or median (range)] Acute toxicity, fish (b) 203 60 Acute toxicity, mammal Oral, up-and-down method (b) 425 10 (6-15) Acute oral (c) 401 23 (20-25) Acute inhalation (b) 403 23 (20-25) Oral, toxic class method 423 9 (6-12) Repeated dose toxicity 28-Day oral (b) 407 40 28-Day inhalation 412 53 (40-65) 90-Day oral 408 80 90-Day inhalation 413 80 Developmental toxicity Prenatal developmental toxicity 414 1,160 Reproductive toxicity One-generation reproduction 415 1,160 Combined protocols Reproductive/developmental toxicity 421 580 screening (b) Repeated 422 580 dose/reproductive/developmental toxicity screening (b) Genetic toxicity (d) Mammalian erythrocyte micronucleus CAD 474 50 CAD, chromosomal aberration/damage.
EPA researchers have published scientific papers showing how ToxCast can be used to predict a chemical s potential for liver toxicity, developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity and cancer.
EPA researchers have published scientific papers showing how ToxCast can be used to predict a chemical's potential for liver toxicity, developmental toxicity reproductive toxicity' and cancer.
Researchers in a number of disciplines in addition to development and toxicology contribute to discussions of such matters as signal transduction pathways as targets for teratogens, personalized nutrition and medicine in perinatal development, zebrafish as a non-mammalian model of developmental toxicology, integrating whole-animal developmental toxicity data into risk assessment, genomic approaches, and investigating drug effects in human pregnancy.
Xenopus laevis embryos are a standardize test organisms for testing developmental toxicity and was chosen for its application to both human and environmental health.
details from health study findings on teratogenicity, developmental toxicity, carcinogenicity, immunotoxicity, renal toxicity, hepatoxicity, pulmonary toxicity, and neurotoxicity;
Knowledge of the toxicokinetics and developmental toxicity of thimerosal is needed to afford a meaningful assessment of the developmental effects of thimerosal-containing vaccines.
He is not aware of any developmental toxicity reported in association with these agents, other than indirect effects related to severe maternal hypoglycemia.
Developmental toxicity was observed in three animals: teratogenicity (mice), embryolethality (rats), and fetal growth restriction (rabbits).
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