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Synonyms for toxicant

capable of injuring or killing by poison

Synonyms for toxicant

any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism

having the qualities or effects of a poison


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Hie best predictive signature was capable of identifying with 80% accuracy rabbit-specific developmental toxicants that may be working via a vascular-disruptive mechanism (test BA = 0.
Because little prior information indicated which of the 33 compounds in the 1996 database might be related to autism, we took a broad approach, examining compounds that are recognized developmental toxicants or suspected neurologic toxicants and endocrine disruptors [California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA) 2003, 2005; Colborn et al.
11, whereas calibration compounds and developmental toxicants reached a ratio of > 1.
Phenotypic hierarchy of 63 male reproductive developmental toxicants in ToxRefDB.
A transcrip-tome-based classifier to identify developmental toxicants by stem cell testing: Design, validation and optimization for histone deacetylase inhibitors.
All the metals are known or suspected to be developmental toxicants.
CONCLUSIONS: The MINC assay faithfully models human NC cell migration, and it reveals impairment of this function by developmental toxicants with good sensitivity and specificity.
Many chemicals display more than one type of toxicity, that is, carcinogens are often immunotoxicants, and reproductive and developmental toxicants may influence many endocrine-sensitive systems.
An upcoming Unsolved Mysteries module will highlight the use of microarray techniques, focusing on zebrafish embryos as a model for understanding chemical toxicity and the impact of developmental toxicants on human health.
Because exposure to developmental toxicants is associated with low birth weight, research is being directed at testing the Barker hypothesis with regard to toxicant-induced low birth weight.
Several recent reports highlight the presence of low-level concentrations of potential reproductive or developmental toxicants, particularly phthalates, in cosmetics and personal care products.
Prospective pregnancy study designs for assessing reproductive and developmental toxicants.
Guidelines for the health assessment of suspect developmental toxicants.
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