developmental psychology

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the branch of psychology that studies the social and mental development of children

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Developmental psychology introduces unique challenges (as well as contributions) that are the result of asking difficult questions: What is our nature as relational beings?
The final three papers focus rather on an evolutionary developmental psychology approach (namely, on an introduction to this perspective and research, by Ashley King and David Bjorklund; the role of childhood experience in shaping reproductive strategies, by Jay Belsky; and evolutionary approaches to education, by David Geary).
05), primarily in that female students chose developmental psychology more than male students, but female and male interests balanced out statistically by the end of the semester.
These segments of research articles, which relate to specific areas of developmental psychology, illustrate the way in which information is synthesized from actual research to the text.
These included International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Career Development International, Australian Journal of Career Development, Canadian Journal of Counselling, International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling, Japanese Journal of Developmental Psychology, Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, Counselling and Psychotherapy Research, Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, Journal of Youth Studies, and Education + Training.
About a year ago, when the journal Developmental Psychology published a study concluding that children do not suffer when their mothers work, virtually everyone followed the usual "Mommy Wars" script.
Gary Chalus, "Defensive Compensation as a Response to Ego Threat: A Replication," Psychological Reports 38 (June, 1976): 699-702; Patricia East and Karen Rook, "Compensatory Patterns of Support among Children's Peer Relationships," Developmental Psychology 28 (June, 1992): 163-72; Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski, "Compensatory Self-inflation: A Response to the Threat to Self-Regard of Public Failure," Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 49 (June, 1985): 273-80.
Developmental psychology provides a perspective that illuminates substantive phenomena in psychology, applies across the life span, has its own value, and has manifest relevance to everyday life.
But Hamburg and others mentioned critically in the book said what irks them about Bruer's assault is that he seems to ignore a wealth of research in areas other than neuroscience - developmental psychology, for example - which shows that the first years of life are indeed critically important.
The recent publication of two books within Routledge's 'Critical Psychology' series provides an opportunity to consider whether developmental psychology might be the second branch of the discipline to take up the challenges posed by post-structuralism, here represented by Erica Burman's Deconstructing developmental psychology and John Morss's Growing critical.
That work enrolled her in a running seminar on the latest research in developmental psychology, while her isolation encouraged her to see all that work with an outsider's skepticism.
Among them was a student, Jelena Vranjesevic, now a lecturer in developmental psychology at the Education Faculty of Belgrade University.
The efforts to bring Erik Erikson's developmental psychology to bear on identity politics surely have the feel of affirmative resolution and ironed-out contradictions; at the extreme, Hoover's recommendation of this developmental approach lacks critical distance, and he stands too ready to offer solutions to complex social issues that have long plagued the public sphere.
The central purpose of this ambitious book is to bring to bear theories of developmental psychology upon the liberal-communitarian debate of the 1980s: Lawrence Kohlberg meets Michael Sandel.
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