developmental learning

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learning that takes place as a normal part of cognitive development

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These objectives will be achieved through theoretical studies concerning the relationship of a robot s state and a robot s sensed context; through an open source software implementation of a developmental learning that associates high-dimensional sensor input to actuation in real-time; and through controlled experimental evaluations with the iCub humanoid robot and human teachers.
Developmental learning opportunities across the disciplines are in the curriculum.
It is also important for the teacher to determine how his/her class is moving toward specific academic and/or social/behavioral goals, and then assess the developmental learning outcomes for the students.
Three major themes emerged from students' use of concept maps: 1) factors influencing the map creation, 2) developmental learning process over time, and 3) validation of existing knowledge and construction of new knowledge.
Its principal, a former psychologist who specialized in child development, cofounded TIS in 2000 on the belief that children should be taught according to their developmental learning stages.
Spell's experience that children learn best by absorbing material sequentially through simple exercises that are taught orally, visually, and viscerally, says Wingate-Spell, was consistent with developmental learning theory.
The Center provides comprehensive services and care to individuals with developmental learning challenges, their families and the community, and has been designed and constructed in accordance with the highest standards and latest developments in the field.
He noted that once educators know the nature of developmental growth (in K-12), they then can establish the conditions necessary to encourage developmental learning.
He also was the men's varsity coach at Lehigh University, where he earned his doctorate in education in 1970 while serving as Director of the famed Centennial Elementary Laboratory School, the breeding ground for many of his innovative approaches to developmental learning systems.
In either case, the dysfunction "has a developmental impact which manifests itself as a developmental learning disorder," he noted.
Placement of children is determined by an evaluation process prior to admission to discern the child's individual strengths and needs and to be sure they are placed in appropriate cognitive and developmental learning groups.
However, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) gradually recognized it as a behavioral disorder separate from the developmental learning disabilities.
He'd started another company, Developmental Learning Materials.
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