developmental anatomy

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the branch of anatomy that studies structural changes of an individual from fertilization to maturity

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An advantage of rats to exploration in developmental anatomy is that rats and mice, used in medical trials, are inbred so that besides gender all genetic features are the same.
Over that period, advances in transducer technology, faster computers, and deepening understanding of developmental anatomy have facilitated such use.
The text includes profiles of individuals working in healthcare, case studies, information on developmental anatomy and physiology, medical report examples, and many exercises and questions.
The text begins with introductions to developmental anatomy, genetics, and cell-cell communication in development.
Normal paediatric brain developmental anatomy knowledge is critical before attempting to interpret complex abnormalities such a segmental spinal dysgenesis.
Developmental anatomy and histochemistry of light-induced
The chapters on specimen assessment, developmental anatomy, and normal morphology, which include electron micrographs, are welcome additions to the new series.
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