developmental age

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a measure of a child's development (in body size or motor skill or psychological function) expressed in terms of age norms

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The contract is for the supply of reagents, calibrators, control materials and additional materials necessary for the execution of specific protein assays along with the lease of immunochemical analyzer and refrigeration equipment for the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics and Clinical Immunology Branch of the Developmental Age SPDSK Street.
In a matter of months, Tyler went from the developmental age of a sixmonth-old to two years and seven months.
A hierarchical multiple regression analysis was conducted to examine whether parenting factors predicted how often a student drank alcohol in the past 30 days and whether developmental age moderated this relationship.
We've brought in James Perch and Dan Gosling, who are still at a developmental age and are part of the future here.
To select a suitable hypnosis technique to a child, several factors such as developmental age, child's condition, motivation, interest, and abilities should be considered.
Reed has been appointed assistant coach of the developmental England Under-18s squad, and will travel to Paris for the European Championships in April as part of his job helping out with one of the national team's most important developmental age groups.
Looking after a fully-grown adult with the developmental age of a one-and-a-half-year-old would require the patience and strength of a saint.
Regression analyses revealed the weakest mean developmental delay--in comparison with the other four developmental domains--in the communication domain: a 10-month delay compared with a developmental age of 30 months in the sighted children.
Groups were matched on developmental age and sex and observed during both a home-based independent play situation and classroom-based free play.
See Paul Hanley Furfey, The Growing Boy: Case Studies of Developmental Age (New York, 1930), 65-66.
Children were defined as developmentally delayed if the difference between their developmental age and chronologic age was greater than half a month.
Thus, developmental age of maturation is most relevant for interspecies comparison.
In many cases the results provide a comparative developmental age or at least a deviation in terms of years and or months compared to typical development.
The overall objective of the course is to help coaches create the optimal learning environment for players at this developmental age.
We chose them because that was a segment of the market that was being ignored and it's a great developmental age for kids to grasp the game,'' Sellery said.
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