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a measure of a child's development (in body size or motor skill or psychological function) expressed in terms of age norms

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By analyzing the differences between the standard and the accommodated versions, both in raw scores and developmental ages, it was possible to verify that in subscale E (performance), there was an increase of approximately nine months in developmental age, equivalent to 8 raw score points, and that the full scale score increased by a few months.
The contract is for the supply of reagents, calibrators, control materials and additional, necessary to perform research in the field of allergy, including the lease of the analyzer for the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics and Clinical Immunology of Developmental Age SPDSK in Warsaw.
By estimating the participant's developmental age, behavioural audiometry could be conducted in the same manner as for normal developing participants of the same developmental age.
In a matter of months, Tyler went from the developmental age of a sixmonth-old to two years and seven months.
We can say that this newborn was discharged from the hospital with a developmental age of 40 weeks and a chronological age of 2 months, which means a difference of 8 weeks between the chronological age and the developmental age.
But for a child still in nursery it is giving them the wrong message about growing up at a key developmental age.
Seventh- and eighth-graders are in a different developmental age than high school students, and benefit from a more nurturing environment in which teachers know them as individuals, he said.
Once there, it only makes sense to manage these youths with respect to their mental health disorders and their developmental age, gender and special needs.
demonstrates how undergraduate and graduate social work students can use methods to help children that are appropriate to their developmental age and ability to understand.
Organized sports or activities deserve a special mention: These can be positive and motivating activities for youth as long as they are safe, led by qualified staff who tailor the program to the developmental age and abilities of the participating children, and enjoyable.
We've brought in James Perch and Dan Gosling, who are still at a developmental age and are part of the future here.
To select a suitable hypnosis technique to a child, several factors such as developmental age, child's condition, motivation, interest, and abilities should be considered.
However, for those parents who are raising a child with a developmental disability, chronological age is not as important as developmental age.
Reed has been appointed assistant coach of the developmental England Under-18s squad, and will travel to Paris for the European Championships in April as part of his job helping out with one of the national team's most important developmental age groups.
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