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Synonyms for developer

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

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someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)

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photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film

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The inherent portability of Java applications from one system to the next and Internet connectivity are the main reasons for Java Virtual Machine's usage growth in embedded projects, according to the in-depth interviews conducted with more than 400 developers actively working with embedded systems.
Developers can choose to view and navigate the time and date stamped report as a FileMaker Pro database, or in XML format.
A common improvement is any real property or improvement to real property that benefits two or more properties separately held for sale by a developer.
ShoreTel Developer Network membership provides an easy and reliable way to leverage ShoreTel's open platform to create rich interfaces.
Oracle's database continues to attract developers in record numbers.
Mylar also unifies the different task lists a developer typically uses, such as bug tracking and e-mail systems, by integrating these systems into a common Mylar Task List.
NXJ Developer is distinguished by its combination of intuitive visual design, flexible SOA programming, and ease of integration with both Java code and .
Unveiled at the MAX 2006 Adobe user conference, the pre-release version of Adobe[R] Flex[TM] Builder[TM] 2 for the Mac enables developers on the Macintosh platform to build next generation Web applications that combine the benefits of desktop software with the reach of the Web to create more engaging user experiences.
This innovative PPI program is the first to focus on helping software developers implement more stringent information protection practices.
Third-party mobile solutions are a critical element of the Palm Experience," said Mike Rank, director of developer relations for Palm, Inc.
Sprint is continuing to blaze new trails in the area of mobile content and applications, with a special focus on developer services -- providing a platform to the developer community that alleviates developers' challenges and empowers them to bring mobile content to market faster, at lower cost and with higher quality," said Faraz Syed, Mobile Complete's CEO.
Building location-based multi-player games for urban environments has been a difficult problem to solve, and now we have a solution," said Kevin Slavin, Managing Director of area/code, developer of 'Big Games' such as ConQwest.