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Synonyms for developer

a person instrumental in the growth of something, especially in its early stages

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someone who develops real estate (especially someone who prepares a site for residential or commercial use)

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photographic equipment consisting of a chemical solution for developing film

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The inherent portability of Java applications from one system to the next and Internet connectivity are the main reasons for Java Virtual Machine's usage growth in embedded projects, according to the in-depth interviews conducted with more than 400 developers actively working with embedded systems.
Developers can choose to view and navigate the time and date stamped report as a FileMaker Pro database, or in XML format.
75-25 developers were required to be contractually obligated to make the improvements; the Service also required that the developer agree to an extension of the statute of limitations (SOL) for assessing tax liability on any issue, not just the estimated costs issue.
ShoreTel Developer Network tools include the ShoreTel COM Object with over 100 methods, properties, and events to simplify development and trim the time to deploy the software.
Mylar also unifies the different task lists a developer typically uses, such as bug tracking and e-mail systems, by integrating these systems into a common Mylar Task List.
NXJ Developer enables our customers to make the transition to SOA by developing Rich Internet Applications that simultaneously leverage the usability of traditional desktop applications, the creation and consumption of Web services, and the skill set of their existing application developers.
The bi-annual survey involving more than 600 developers found that of those database developers surveyed, Oracle was the leading supplier of database products.
Unveiled at the MAX 2006 Adobe user conference, the pre-release version of Adobe[R] Flex[TM] Builder[TM] 2 for the Mac enables developers on the Macintosh platform to build next generation Web applications that combine the benefits of desktop software with the reach of the Web to create more engaging user experiences.
In addition, PayPal unveiled a new Developer Community Web site and Developer Hub, designed to provide merchants and developers with centralized access to the resources they need to integrate PayPal into their online stores.
Developer Suite delivers an unparalleled embedded Linux solution with best of breed root file system design, system profiling and debugging.
Plus, we streamlined the entire certification process so developers can rely on us to do much of the work, thereby reducing the overall cost to the developer.
As a result, customers have greater confidence in their purchase, knowing that these developer solutions deliver on Palm's high standards of excellence.