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lowered in value

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We have knights who don't even live in the country, and the rest of these Mickey Mouse honours have been devalued over the years.
TEHRAN:The Iranian currency, the rial, was devalued by 11 percent Wednesday as the government tries to liberalize its economy and curb imports.
The Central Bank has devalued Cuba's hard-currency convertible peso (CUC) by 8% in relation to the US dollar and all the other foreign currencies, reports ACN (March 15, 2011.
England coach Andy Flower said the latest spot-fixing allegations had devalued the series.
RIGA -- In an effort to kick start Latvia's sputtering economy back to growth, the currency is set to be devalued by at least 15 percent, but only at the end of 2010, say analysts at RBC Capital Markets and Barclays Capital, reports Bloomberg.
Gilbo gives the example of his native Australia that devalued its currency in 1997 by almost 50%, saying the move has helped the country to be insulated from the global credit crunch.
So what if the FA Cup has been devalued by the big clubs.
The life of the individual matters, and if humanism is to matter humanists must weigh in when people's lives are devalued.
For one, Proposition 90 had a provision -- not included in the Jarvis measure -- that critics said would allow developers to sue if their projects were blocked or properties were devalued by government decisions such as zoning restrictions.
80 billion lawsuit against the government before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes, part of the World Bank, for alleged economic injury after Argentina devalued its currency and shifted what Telefonica could charge customers to the devalued peso in 2002.
It does not mean that the pound here in Britain, in your pocket or purse or in your bank, has been devalued.
Euthanasia Prevention Coalition executive director Alex Schadenberg characterizes it starkly as "an attack on people with disabilities, as well as people with chronic conditions and other vulnerable Canadians who are already devalued by many members of society.
by mail order and we can run around calling each other doctor, all you've really done is devalued the concept of a cortege degree to the point that it doesn't mean very much.
He says old English stadia--hugely devalued are the best examples of the stadium type and takes their spatial conditions seriously, as architects.