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Synonyms for devaluation

a lowering in price or value

Words related to devaluation

an official lowering of a nation's currency

the reduction of something's value or worth

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In only three out of the twenty-seven episodes was the initially achieved real devaluation completely offset by the end of period t+2.
Market devaluation analysis in the report also points out:
El-Bahi added that the exchange rate of the pound after devaluation gives a competitive advantage for Egyptian products in foreign markets, which may increase exports and increase revenues of hard currency coming into the country.
Global Banking News-October 2, 2015--Angolan central bank planning for more currency devaluations
The recent devaluation of the yuan (and the follow on devaluations by Vietnam and Kazakhstan) has kindled fears of a currency war.
As distinct from Azerbaijan, other CIS countries faced a deeper devaluation, however, in the case of Azerbaijan, Fitch doesn't consider this as a baseline scenario, according to the expert.
He regarded currency devaluation indicated by China as valiant step in its move to a more market-determined exchange rate.
In isolation, currency devaluation improves global competitiveness, but if what follows are further rounds of devaluations from competing economies, then a currency war may begin; and this is rarely a force for good in the global economy.
Rashid Abu Baqer, senior consultant at TRI Consulting, expects Chinese travellers with a tight budget to feel pressured by the currency's devaluation.
Fitch believes there is a possibility of a further devaluation after the upcoming presidential election.
The wage hike is necessary due to the current devaluation that will impact negatively on Nigerian workers.
Second, economics theory is nicer to any currency devaluation save its unintended consequences in an open economy setting.
The Spokesman pointed out that for small economies which are non -- export oriented any kind of currency devaluation would not offer any advantages which it might have offered under different circumstances.
Erol Rizaov concludes for Utrinski Vesnik that it is good that Minister Stavreski and Governor Bogov immediately and suggestively denied rumors that an important devaluation of the denar's value toward the euro is being prepared in order to prevent a panic reaction among citizens.
Various industries responded differently to the steep devaluation.