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Synonyms for devaluation

a lowering in price or value

Words related to devaluation

an official lowering of a nation's currency

the reduction of something's value or worth

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For example, following the devaluation, the market security of all indigenous insurance carriers utilized in-country should be reevaluated.
The) topic of devaluation of rupee was not even part of the agenda of the committee meeting,' it said.
The industry attributed the price hike to seven to eight per cent rupee devaluation against the dollar which has pushed up prices of imported components.
But how would both the gentlemen deal with serious issues like declining foreign currency reserves, rupee devaluation, inflation and external deficits is a million-dollar question.
The head of IMF mission Harald Finger recommended that there is still room for more devaluation of the rupee.
Pak Suzuki spokesperson has told this correspondent that the new adjusted price to rupee devaluation has not been discussed so far at the company.
Impact of rupee devaluation involves stock hedging and stock holders activities will be leading bullish market trends, which can start panic buying among millers/stock holders/ exporters.
State Bank of Pakistan is just issuing statements that it is monitoring the market, but according to latest reports, the SBP has not taken any action to stop the devaluation of the rupee and the government has not even responded to the present devaluation of the rupee.
It's an appropriate moment therefore to examine the vulnerability of both currencies to devaluation," he added.
Cela nous a permis d'obtenir une reduction de 5% sur les prix des matieres premieres et l'application de cette reduction avec effet retroactif a compter de la date de la devaluation (mai 2016)[beaucoup plus grand que].
The Moroccan central bank has rejected news of devaluation.
Arqaam Capital's published paper, titled "Devaluation Balloon Popping Soon", states that the expected "aggressive" devaluation is set to coincide with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) board meeting scheduled to run from 3-9 October.
Summary: Currency instability and devaluation are still having an influence across all real estate sectors in Cairo according to the Ee"Cairo Real Estate Market OverviewEe" report (Q2 2016) published by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).
The advertised goal of a devaluation is to increase the price of foreign produced goods and services and decrease the price of domestically produced goods and services.
Summary: There is consensus both within and outside Egypt that a devaluation of the Egyptian pound is imminent.