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  • verb

Synonyms for devaluate

to become or make less in price or value

Synonyms for devaluate

remove the value from

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All of which has resulted in what Mintel describes in its Frozen Dessert Report [February 2004] as the devaluating influence of excessive promotional discounting.
While the medieval church encouraged a form of marriage based on mutual consent, the church's stress on the superiority of the celibate life had a devaluating effect on the religious understanding of marriage.
In recent years, Brazil repeatedly boosted MERCOSUR exports by devaluating the real, but that simply won't work during 2002.
dollar higher against the yen, as the purchase of foreign bonds by the Japanese central bank would have an effect of devaluating the yen.
In light of the devaluating pension Age Concern England is stepping up its campaign to improve older people's retirement income.
Beijing will not consider devaluating the yuan as a measure to boost the economy, an economist said.
Apparently, the issue of an imminent devaluation of the Rupiah emerged because Thailand and the Philippines had responded to the tumble of the value of their currencies by devaluating them.
who introduced the Senate version of the Clean Water Act reauthorization, believes that current rules constitute a "rigid regulatory program that is devaluating property and preventing construction on land that rarely, if ever, has water on the surface but still is considered to be a wetland.
This situation had the effect of risking falling back on monetary reserves and greatly devaluating the Mexican peso, among other things, in order to support and protect the country's exports.
On the other hand, "A" picture TV distributors don't need to bump up their features, with the risk of devaluating their inevitable run-of-the-mill series.
These same writers cite the following common behavioral patterns of professionals with devaluating attitudes toward people with disabilities:
Anecdotal evidence suggests that the black market is expanding quickly, with the pending free floating of the rouble also to have a further devaluating effect on the currency.
After a rift in diplomatic ties between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and Bahrain on June 5, speculations started to emerge that Qatari authorities might consider devaluating the currency after it suddenly weakened.
A prominent banker told Daily News Egypt that there is a major problem which must be solved before the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) takes any step towards devaluating or floating the pound: banking customers with open currency positions in foreign exchange.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of country devaluating the exchange rate therefore it is essential to analyze what a country like Pakistan can gain from such devaluations and what is the implication of devaluation on the economy.