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  • verb

Synonyms for devaluate

to become or make less in price or value

Synonyms for devaluate

remove the value from

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Hassanein is expecting the dollar price in the unofficial market to increase to an extreme level, and the price of goods and services to double if the CBE devaluated the pound without a plan to face the repercussions of that step.
As of September of this year, the peso has devaluated 11% to the US$, said Silverio.
Zhu, speaking at a regional economic forum on Hainan Island in southern China, recalled that while other Asian countries devaluated their currencies one after another after the financial crisis hit in mid-1997, the Chinese government did not follow suit.
What can law and utopia, another devaluated concept of our days, have in common?
Sri Lanka's central bank effectively devaluated the Lankan rupee on Tuesday by widening the currency's trading band by 3 percentage points to 5%, apparently in a bid to boost sagging exports.
In other words, INRO had not been placed in a position to stabilize the market price, as purchase of rubber was not made possible due to the expression of the DMIP in highly devaluated currencies.
Thailand and the Philippines devaluated their currencies because they adopted the fixed rate of exchange policy, something which Indonesia had used until 1986.
The Roosevelt Administration devaluated the dollar and forced many expatriate writers to return home, but as part of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), it created the <IR> FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT </IR> and the <IR> FEDERAL THEATER PROJECT </IR> , both of which benefited many writers.
It is unlikely that the dollar will be devaluated any further, there is little fat left to trim from current foundry operations, and the quality and cost benefits obtained from statistical process control, have mostly been taken.
One company that has made the most of competitive opportunities afforded by the devaluated green-back is I.
Vendors in Latin America face additional difficulties such as a devaluated currency, pressure for lowering the prices, local and niche competition, and dependency on global accounts.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) devaluated the Egyptian pound in March.
He said that Due to a mere of three percent, Pakistani currency was getting devaluated day by day.
USPRwire, Mon Dec 22 2014] The Kazakh infrastructure sector is facing some challenges stemming from sluggish economic growth due to falling oil revenues, a weakened Russian rouble and a devaluated tenge that will have particularly severe implications for the residential and non-residential sub-sector.
Kazakhstan's tenge devaluated, despite their muscular economy (country possesses large reserves of hydrocarbon resources)," the Acting First Vice Prime Minister noticed.