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  • verb

Synonyms for devaluate

to become or make less in price or value

Synonyms for devaluate

remove the value from

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It is noted that the exodus from the euro-denominated positions did not cause this currency to lose what it had gained from the deterioration of the dollar, nor did it devaluate it below the levels desired by the Europeans themselves, in particular the economic and financial institutions.
In such a case, Asian economies should not try to devaluate their currencies for the sake of their exports, but work together to float the currencies against the U.
I don't think this devaluates the game at all,'' said Michaels, who starts his 13th season on ``Monday Night Football'' with the NFL Hall of Fame game between Cleveland and Dallas a week after the golf event.
Observers themselves believe that the Government will not devaluate the Rupiah because such a move is not necessary.
The underlying attitudes that devaluate people with disabilities can be routinely reinforced through proof' that the attitudes and related myths are valid, at least in the minds of those holding the attitudes.
Indispensable new climate laws and CO2 taxes will significantly devaluate those assets.
helping to devaluate the region's currencies by more than 10 percent in Q4, 2014 alone.
Russia, whose oil sector was the target of economic sanctions by the European Union and the United States in recent months over its role in the crisis in Ukraine, saw its currency, the rouble, devaluate by as much as 10 per cent against the euro, according to the European Central Bank.
The objectives are to devaluate Pakistani rupee to US dollar and give liberty to foreign companies to repatriate their profit in foreign exchange.
These, notably, are more or less the same terms that Khartoum used to devaluate the threat it continues to face in Darfur.
These figures do not include the costs of higher taxes, price inflation and low interest rates, which additionally devaluate retirement savings.
The business expert said the US dollar was expected to devaluate in the coming years and would cease to be used as a reserve currency.
In Saudi Arabia, the attacks against the printed press are increasing in order to devaluate it in the eyes of its lovers and fans.
In September, Bahmani had announced plans to devaluate the currency by three decimal places but later said the idea had been shelved for further consideration.
China did not devaluate the yuan in the recent economic crises in Asia and maintains the one-child policy in consideration of the world population.