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  • verb

Synonyms for devaluate

to become or make less in price or value

Synonyms for devaluate

remove the value from

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If Greece quits the euro, it will only devaluate to mechanically increase an already unbearable debt.
It is noted that the exodus from the euro-denominated positions did not cause this currency to lose what it had gained from the deterioration of the dollar, nor did it devaluate it below the levels desired by the Europeans themselves, in particular the economic and financial institutions.
In such a case, Asian economies should not try to devaluate their currencies for the sake of their exports, but work together to float the currencies against the U.
Second are aluminum and copper alloys due to the many possible tramp elements or poisons that can quickly devaluate or even make the material worthless.
I understand the criticism since the event was announced, but does the Home Run Derby we all watched this week really devaluate baseball?
Observers themselves believe that the Government will not devaluate the Rupiah because such a move is not necessary.
The underlying attitudes that devaluate people with disabilities can be routinely reinforced through proof' that the attitudes and related myths are valid, at least in the minds of those holding the attitudes.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 12 June 2017: Qatar is unlikely to devaluate its riyal on strong foreign reserves and balance sheets, London-based consultancy Capital Economics predicted Sunday.
Ongoing external developments associated with decreasing oil prices, the economic crisis and a falling Russian rouble due to the Western sanction regimes could force the Kazakh central bank to further devaluate the currency in the near future.
However, three quarters of CEE savers are worried that local currencies will devaluate and therefore saving money will pay off less in the future.
The core advantage for Pakistan to devaluate the exchange rate is the effort to increase the export base.
In September, 2009, Bahmani had announced plans to devaluate the currency by three decimal places but later said the idea had been shelved for further consideration.
These figures do not include the costs of higher taxes, price inflation and low interest rates, which additionally devaluate retirement savings.
About 70 per cent of Austrians are concerned that their bank deposits would devaluate due to high inflation.
Moreover, the Maastricht Treaty obligated the states willing to join not to devaluate their currencies in the two years preceding their accession.