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any of various shrubs of the genus Deutzia having usually toothed opposite leaves and shredding bark and white or pink flowers in loose terminal clusters

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For shrubs that flower later in the season and have put on growth this year, such as Philadelphus and deutzias, it is necessary to take extra care pruning and be more selective.
Deutzias flower on one-year-old wood so any pruning should be carried out immediately after flowering.
The deutzias are very easy shrubs to grow, repaying a small amount of maintenance with lots of flower-power.
Take semi-ripe cuttings to propagate shrubs such as deutzias, escallonias and weigelas.
We have two deutzias, one of the prettiest of early-flowering shrubs, that have been laden with a sugar-pink bloom.
Plants suitable for cuttings include: Deciduous shrubs - forsythia, deutzias, buddleia, cornus, ribes Climbers - vines, lonicera, jasminum Fruit - gooseberries, all currants and figs Trees - poplars and willows The first step is to select a stem from a plant, and where the current sections and previous year's growth meet, trim the cutting to 20cm if taken from a tree or shrub and 5-8cm if taken from a smaller specimen.
Other shrubs used include spiraeas, syringas (philadeiphus), weigelas and deutzias.