deuterium oxide

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water containing a substantial proportion of deuterium atoms, used in nuclear reactors


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Quantification of human milk ingested by the infants was determined by the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique using a standardized procedure (International Atomic Energy Agency, 2010).
The deuterium oxide dose-to-mother technique made it possible to quantify human milk intake and the intake of water from sources other than human milk and hence to determine whether the mothers practiced exclusive breastfeeding (EB) or not (Larciprete et al.
For each sex, separately and combined, paired f-tests were used in detecting differences in body composition obtained with both the in-built prediction equations supplied with the Tanita system and the deuterium oxide dilution technique.
Determination of deuterium oxide in water by measurement of freezing point.
1]H-NMR analysis, we added 20 [micro]L of deuterium oxide, containing 3-(trimethylsilyl)-2,2',3,3'-tetradeuteropropionic acid (TMSP-[d.
Deuterium oxide is thus two atomic mass units heavier than hydrogen oxide.
For years the IAEA has been working with Member States in promoting the use of the deuterium oxide dose-to-mother method, a stable isotope technique that allows health workers to collect data on breastfeeding practices in a precise, specific and accurate fashion, said Victor Owino, Nutrition Scientist at the IAEA, and a keynote speaker at a plenary session at the 7th African Nutrition and Epidemiology Conference, entitled Nutrition Dynamics in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals, held from October 9-14 in Marrakech, Morocco.
Moreover, where deuterium oxide dilution requires drawing blood and underwater weighing requires immersion in a calibrated pool, the infrared technique can be completed in three minutes and may ultimately require no more than the rolling up of one's sleeve.
Tenders are invited for Supply of - deuterium oxide (100 grams per bottle)
According to the head, Iran can now make deuterium oxide, which has great uses in health-care.