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an isotope of hydrogen which has one neutron (as opposed to zero neutrons in hydrogen)

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The sun, like the universe overall, has very low levels of deuterium, about one-tenth as much as what is found in Earth's water.
D] are Rydberg constants for hydrogen and deuterium, respectively, n - the main quantum number [4].
The ALMA observations detected copious amounts of deuterium, suggesting that the cloud is cold and starless.
Preparata, the first phase, known as I[+ or -], is the most obvious, but there are three phases in which the deuterium gas can be absorbed by the palladium.
The deuterium nucleus, which contains a neutron in addition to the usual single proton, is heavier than the hydrogen nucleus.
16] aluminium, iodine, phosphorus, deuterium, lanthanum, uranium
There, technicians trained in handling nuclear materials would add the tritium or deuterium composites that turn a plain old fission bomb into a massive thermonuclear fusion bomb.
The new technique uses the strong electric field generated in a pyro-electric crystal to fuse atoms of heavy hydrogen, or deuterium - the fuel used in conventional fusion research.
Other methods for the determination of deuterium ([sup.
Lunar helium-3 or Martian deuterium might provide the fuel for nuclear fusion reactors.
Treating silicon chips--the lifeblood of modern computers and other electronic devices--with deuterium rather than hydrogen during a final processing step extends their life and should make it possible to drive the chips harder and faster, Joe Lyding and Karl Hess, professors of electrical and computer engineering, University of Illinois, indicate.
Each plant has its own unique pattern of deuterium distribution due to geographical factors and its metabolic pathways.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Tungsten And Deuterium Lamps
The relative abundance of a heavier version of hydrogen called deuterium serves as a fingerprint of where in the solar system a reservoir of [H.