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dichromacy characterized by a lowered sensitivity to green light resulting in an inability to distinguish green and purplish-red

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Those with colour vision defects see the spot differently; for example protanopes usually describe it as blue or dark because their red sensitivity is reduced, and most deuteranopes cannot see the spot at all.
Hidden digit plates seem to work better for deuteranopes than other colour deficient individuals but they have an overall sensitivity of only around 50%.
The classification plates are more effective for deuteranopes than protanopes, with a correct classification possible for around 90% of deuteranopes and around 80% of protanopes.
22) All deuteranopes and 96% of protanopes failed the test.
1) Mean position of the center cap Range Protanopes 17 15-26 64 58-68 Deuteranopes 15 12-17 58 53-60 Tritanopes 5 4-6 45.