deus ex machina

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any active agent who appears unexpectedly to solve an insoluble difficulty

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After informing Geoff that his Deus Ex Machina shirt was very popular among the gay fraternity in Sydney, she took us on a tour of the 800-plus bikes in her collection, including some very rare models like a 10920s Indian and a Vincent Black Knight just to name two.
But the great sacrificial scene was bungled in Vick's handling, with bathetic scrubbing down of a butcher's slab and no reaction at all from the protagonists at the surprise intervention of the supernatural voice of the deus ex machina.
I hope to accomplish what I obviously hadn't when he was in eighth grade: namely, to have him consider a concept of God other than a childish deus ex machina idea that just doesn't work.
Micawber was saved by Dickens' deus ex machina, and Brown, son of the manse that he likes to remind us he is, is apparently hoping for similar divine intervention.
Just as often an editorial board will carefully come to consensus around one candidate only to have the publisher swoop in, deus ex machina, to dictate the paper's formal support for another.
Its conclusion is a transparent bit of deus ex machina (in the form of palliative care specialist Doctor Lam who arrives with a way out of the wilderness), one that Babiak presents without disguise.
Maybe a backhoe to dig us out, or rescue, deus ex machina, from one of the helicopters.
For one thing, their telecarb never seems to work when it is most needed--a great plot device that keeps it from becoming an annoying deus ex machina.
One gets the impression that the government is a deus ex machina.
As a result, the free market appears as a deus ex machina, a system whose social depredations occur without any human intervention.
What happened next was the judicial equivalent of the Major League Baseball commissioner stepping in with a scheduling change during the World Series, a classic deus ex machina.
College and university presidents, buffeted by swirling pressures to control costs and improve the quality of learning, might well be dreaming of a deus ex machina to descend upon the quad.
Unfortunately the book loses its focus and power at the end, when the heroes are saved by a deus ex machina fierce dragon/earth-goddess won over by Berlewen's ability to show love for her enemies.
One of the better-known commonplaces of the Western stage, derived from ancient Greek and Roman theater, is that of the deus ex machina, the character who unexpectedly (and somewhat artificially) intervenes in the dramatic action to change the course of events or resolve a problematic situation.
While the lohan turns inward to think, the gibbon, like deus ex machina, passes the clue to the next of kin, who in turn will toss it over to those who have eyes to see.