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Synonyms for deuce

a tie in tennis or table tennis that requires winning two successive points to win the game

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the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number

a word used in exclamations of confusion

one of the four playing cards in a deck that have two spots


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References in classic literature ?
He rose as Newman approached, and, as he laid his hand upon the bell, said with a smile, in English, that he was afraid Newman would be kept waiting; the servants were scattered, he himself had been ringing, he didn't know what the deuce was in them.
I was in the deuce of a hurry, and didn't know that I should ever get what I wanted in time, and that's a fact.
In 2006 you were gracious enough to run a photo taken in southern Michigan of Rainy Rivers Deuces Wild, aka "Deuce," then a 20-month-old Large Munsterlander.
Deuces having, Abdul Muqeet, Wajaht Suri, Ziaullah Baig and Hussain Jaffer in its fold overcame Team Masood by close margin.
KARACHI -- Invincible Deuces continued their winning spree when annexed yet another weekly team title by winning the Swiss Movement Bridge Contest of Karachi Bridge Association (KBA) on Sunday evening by mustering 86.
After playing mainly video poker and a variety of different slot machine games, most frequently Isis, he tried his hand at Jackpot Deuces.
Mark and best friend Jack Tweed - Jade Goody's widower - were arrested and charged over the alleged bust-up at Deuces, which regularly features on the hit reality show.
A mammoth 15-minute opening game went to seven deuces before Ljubicic finally served out a game Murray should have won.
The seventh match went to four deuces before the Aussie clinched the game.
Although the DEUCE is not yet slated for Armywide fielding, units at Fort Lewis, Washington, will receive a few DEUCEs to test in support of the initial brigade combat teams, as the Army marches forward on its plan for transformation.
the leading on-demand software and services company for the global downstream energy industry, announced today a five year contract with Lucky Deuces Casino and Truck Stop.
KARACHI -- Team Deuces completed unique hat-trick on Karachi Bridge Circuit when they won the Karachi Club Bridge Congress at KC Annexe on Sunday evening.
when he opened an account with the casino on 4 August, only to win the Jackpot Deuces Progressive Poker a few hours later.
He recently opened Deuces Bar and Lounge in Chigwell with his best pal, Jade Goody's widower Jack Tweed, 23, only to see it badly damaged in a suspected arson attack.
Three Deuces Down" is his tale of getting started and doing a few meaningless cases, and then finding himself summoned by a rich and powerful man who wants him to find his missing daughter and her husband.